Cypress Hill Fulfilling a ‘Simpsons’ Prediction With London Symphony Orchestra Performance, Hopeful Peter Frampton Attends

Way back in 1996, The Simpsons featured an episode where hip-hop group Cypress Hill mistakenly booked a show with the London Symphony Orchestra. Apparently, they did this “possibly while high,” as the episode, titled “Homerpalooza,” states. Now, this episode will become yet another prediction by The Simpsons.

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Cypress Hill has booked a show with the London Symphony Orchestra, this time on purpose. The group is performing their biggest hits at the Royal Albert Hall tonight, July 10. In The Simpsons episode, the group was performing at Hullabalooza festival along with the Smashing Pumpkins, and in a bid to impress his kids, Homer Simpson hangs out with the two bands.

“It’s been something that we’ve talked about for many years since the Simpsons episode first aired,” said B-Real (AKA Louis Mario Freese) to the BBC recently. “So it’s very special for us. And it’s coming off the heels of our 30th anniversary for our Black Sunday album … We’ve played a lot of historical venues throughout our career and stuff like that, but nothing as prestigious as this.”

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Cypress Hill to Perform at Royal Albert Hall, Finally Backed by London Symphony Orchestra

Another artist featured in the episode was Peter Frampton, who Cypress Hill hopes will attend their Royal Albert Hall performance to further complete the prediction. Frampton was the one trying to book the LSO in the episode, and Cypress Hill has extended him an invitation. According to a report from Ultimate Classic Rock, Frampton hasn’t responded, but the group remains hopeful.

“We’ve never met him before,” B-Real continued, “but we thought it would be a kick to invite the legendary Peter Frampton.”

According to the BBC report, Cypress Hill reached out to the LSO through its social media team, and the two groups struck a deal for the concert. The orchestra will back the group with unique, one-of-a-kind compositions to some of their biggest hits, like “Insane in the Brain” and “I Wanna Get High.”

“People are beyond excited at the idea of these diverse musicians mixing on the stage,” said LSO first violin Maxine Kwok to the BBC. “Being a child of the nineties I remember the episode well,” she continued, sharing that it was a “running joke” every time the episode aired.

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