Daily Discovery: The Black Cadillacs, “Methodrone”

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The blues-based indie rock band from Knoxville, The Black Cadillacs, is continuing to produce diverse and energizing music. The Black Cadillacs had an amazing year in 2014, with performances at Bonnaroo, over 100 US shows, and a 25 date European tour. Their music is featured across the country and world incorporating soul and rock n’ roll all rooting from the band members home towns in different major cities across Tennessee. The band released a new song, “Methodrone” and are releasing a new EP on February 24th, 2015.

ARTIST: The Black Cadillacs

NEW SONG NAME: “Methodrone” (EP Release Date: 2/24/2015)

BIRTHDATE: February 2004

HOMETOWN: Knoxville, TN


AMBITIONS: Reunion Tour. Eventually.

TURN-OFFS: Banana flavoring, Tex Mex restaurants in dry counties, New versions of Christmas songs

TURN-ONS: Slow jamz, tight rhythm sections

DREAM GIG: International Space Station

FAVORITE LYRIC: “Won’t you tell me what you’re thinking of? Would you be an outlaw for my love?” – Big Star


SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Happy” – Pharrell

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Tom Waits, Stephen Malkmus, David Chang, Louis CK, Peyton Manning

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Nine Inch Nails at Voodoo Fest 2013

I WROTE THIS NEW SONG ABOUT: This song has to do with the lifestyle associated with being a professional, touring musician.

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