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Effortlessly alternating between Southern slow-burners and folk-rock jams, Fire Mountain’s first full-length album, All Dies Down (This is American Music), propels the band into the forefront of Southern indie rock and roll music.

ARTIST: Fire Mountain

SONG: Moving Target

BIRTHDATE: January 10, 1987

HOMETOWN: Troy, Alabama


AMBITIONS: As far as music goes, I’d just like to put out really solid records, something that people can keep with them for a long time.

TURN-ONS: Finding the best barbecue restaurant in whatever town we are playing in (I’m a big dude).

TURN-OFFS: When the barbecue restaurants we try to visit close early (I’m a big dude).

DREAM GIG: I’d love to play a show with Wilco, I’d even help load in their gear.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “A man needs something he can hold on to, a nine pound hammer or a woman like you. Either one of them things will do.” – Jolene by Ray Lamontagne

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: My friend Foz. He always tells a story about how he had a chance to steal a moon rock from the Huntsville Space Museum but he didn’t do it. He regrets it to this day.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Jolene” by Ray Lamontagne (I don’t care who all has covered it, it is still one of my  favorite songs).

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: The guys in my band and my wife. We usually cut up pretty good when we are together. We have inside jokes that are still going strong years later (much to other people’s dismay).

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I played a house show with Will Johnson (Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel) last year. It was a lot of fun to play and to listen to Will’s music in that kind of setting.

I WROTE THIS SONG: This song (“Moving Target”) took me a long time to complete for some reason. It’s about strained friendships and how people act afterwards.

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