Daily Discovery: Jacob Bryant Premieres “Heartbeat”

“I call it ‘Country done my way,’” Jacob Bryant tells American Songwriter, describing his sound.

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Signing with the Thirty Tigers roster, which includes country songster Luke Combs (who later moved to Sony), Bryant cut his teeth as an artist by touring the same circuits. Logging thousands of miles, he shared his sound (which, more acutely, he described as “basically a Southern rock band with a country singer”) with audiences across the country.

With that under his belt, Bryant knows a thing or two about how to give an expressive performance… and on his latest single, “Heartbeat” (out November 19), you can hear that talent in its full glory. Except, it’s not exactly the energetic, over-the-top “expressive performance” you might see someone like Garth Brooks give—rather, it’s something a bit more sultry and sentimental. 

“‘Heartbeat’ is a sexy song about closing the shades, lighting some candles, and just spending time with your spouse and making them feel loved and wanted,” Bryant explains, alluding to the song’s deeper message. “Love your spouse wholeheartedly and just make time to make sure they know you respect and need them.”

With a ballad feel and a gorgeous, pedal-steel-led arrangement, the production behind Bryant’s impassioned croon takes on a timeless quality, just like the theme itself. Plus, the Georgia native gets to slip in a few fun lyrics.

“My favorite line is ‘Let the fire burn, let your hair fall and let a single touch say it all,’” he shared. “Why? ‘Cause, it’s just sexy sounding.”

The single—and his preceding one, “Devil & an Old Six String”—both come ahead of Bryant’s new studio album, Bar Stool Preacher, which is due on January 14, 2022.

Jacob Bryant’s new single “Heartbeat” will be available Nov. 19—listen to it below (before it’s released) and check out his other new single, “Devil & an Old Six String” HERE.

Photo by Todd McPhetridge / Adkins publicity

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