Cait Macklon Celebrates New Beginnings On “Easier Now”

At 20 years old, Cait Macklon has already begun building a dream-worthy career. Between raking up thousands of streams and recording in legendary rooms like Abbey Road Studios, Macklon’s young career is bursting with energy and potential. On Monday, she released her newest single, an empowering post-breakup tune by the name of “Easier Now.”

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“I wrote ‘Easier Now’ because I wanted to remind myself that everything was going to work out for the best when I chose to leave a relationship that was hurting me and causing me to lose sight of myself,” Macklon told American Songwriter. “Of course, it can be scary and upsetting to leave somebody you have invested so much time into and given so much of your heart to, but ‘Easier Now’ looks at the positive parts of a relationship coming to an end: the freedom, the growth and the beginning of a new stage of your life.”

With a classic, ‘70s-esque feel, “Easier Now” lands somewhere in the intersection of modern country, indie pop and the ‘boygenius sound.’ Over this minimalist arrangement, Macklon’s voice effortlessly executes fills and emits just the slightest amount of twang. All parts added together, the single is a grooving little pop number that puts the listener right into that ‘new beginnings’ headspace. 

“I want anyone and everyone who listens to this song to be reminded that walking away from any kind of unhealthy relationship for your own benefit is okay,” Macklon said. “Realising that someone is bringing you more hurt than happiness doesn’t mean you have to be bitter or wish badly on them, but it definitely doesn’t mean you have to stay. It has taken me a long time to learn when to stay and when to walk away, but I am a lot happier and more confident in myself for it.”

Listen to Cait Macklon’s new single “Easier Now” below:

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