Daily Discovery: Kirsten Arian, “Queen”


ARTIST: Kirsten Arian

Videos by American Songwriter


BIRTHDATE: 09/30/93

HOMETOWN: Thousand Oaks, CA // LA


AMBITIONS: To see music accomplish something that has never been done before, ignite passion and hope in people.

TURN-OFFS: Turn- offs hmmm I generally enjoy most things and most people. I would say my turn-off are, when someone tries to hard, when people think they are better than others, and when someone is overly conceited. On a lighter note, I hate soggy cereal, when its cold but not snowing, and when animals don’t come when I call them.

TURN-ONS: My turn-ons or what I like to call insta-Joys are Thunderstorms, Coffee, Mornings, And the hour after the sun goes down. I love when my whole family is in one room, when everything becomes green again, standing on mountains, and I absolutely adore when I have the privilege to perform my songs in front of a crowd.

DREAM GIG: My dream gig would be to play Time Square on New years rockin eve 😉 Also any Cathedral in Europe.

FAVORITE LYRIC: Oh man this one is hard…. theres definitely not just one but right now its “Let the years we’re here be kind, be kind. Let our hearts, like doors, open wide, open wide. Settle our bones like wood over time, over time.

Give us bread, give us salt, give us wine.” -Sleeping at Last (North)

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: The craziest person I know is probably my sister Kelsey. She can not be pegged in any sort of way. She’s hilarious, wild, kind, caring, giving, and very very clumsy. If I ever need a good laugh or to feel better about myself I call her. SHES ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, just in the way her life happens every second is an experience. but then again people say we are very similar so it might be myself..

SONG I WISH I WROTE: Any song by Sleeping At Last I think He is a musical Genius.

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: If were talking about anyone in the whole world dead or alive I would say: Number 1 Jesus hands down, then Heidi Baker, then my mom and dad when they were 23, Oh! Steffany Gretzinger, honestly I’d really like to have dinner with Zack Galifianakis, everyone says we are a lot alike I would just like to check and see if that’s true.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I haven’t been to too many concerts but I would say my favorite one would have been this Tim McGrew Concert I went to with my sister and her best friend like 8 years ago. I don’t listen to country music too much and my sister surprised me by taking me. It was just so much fun to tail gate with everyone and dance in this wide open field.



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