Daily Discovery: Postcard Boy Embraces The Dualities Of Life On New Single “Dazed”

“I had made the opening verse and posted it to Instagram with a video thinking that was all there was ever going to be for that song,” Garrett Seamans told American Songwriter. “When people started hitting me up for the full track I knew that what was just a 16 bar loop at the time needed to be fleshed out.”

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The song that Seamans — who releases music under the name Postcard Boy — is referring to is a single entitled “Dazed” off his new EP Limbo which is due sometime this June. The song is a low-key tune that perfectly encapsulates the dreamy wave of pop music that’s been engulfing the scene.

“I decided to write this song about my love/hate relationship with art itself,” Seamans said. “Though sometimes it brings me to my worst, it keeps me coming back and sometimes is the only thing in the world that can bring me joy. This slowly expanded into me realizing how many things in my life have this dual relationship, many of the best things.”

“I think what I took away from the writing process is that there are so many things in my life that I have a love/hate relationship with and that’s actually a good thing,” Seamans continued. “The challenge of working through problems with someone or something allows you to see a more honest version of yourself. I feel like a lot of the time a song that I love attaches itself to a particular emotion or memory, and I listen to that song to return to that feeling or moment. Whatever people want to take away from the song when they hear it is up to them and I don’t want to taint that interpretation too much.”

Seamans got his start as a photographer under the pseudonym “phylm” and shot for brands like Volcom and Brixton, with subjects including LANY and Emma Chamberlain. He began his music career in 2018, releasing a slurry of singles and eventually an EP. 

Watch the music video for Postcard Boy’s new single “Dazed” below:

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