Daily Discovery: Sam Lewis, “The Cross That I Wear”

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ARTIST: Sam Lewis

SONG: “The Cross That I Wear”

BIRTHDATE: 11/02/1983

BIRTHPLACE: Garden Grove, California

AMBITIONS: I want to learn sign language, grow a successful vegetable garden, write a song with Willie Nelson, build a house and give it to someone.


TURN-ONS: Aussie women, currently.

DREAM GIG: Saturday Night Live with my parents hosting

TV ADDICTIONS: The Andy Griffith Show and Friday Night Lights.

MY PREFERRED MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: I’m in the process of converting a pair of cowboy boots into roller blades. One will run on hydrogen and the other corn syrup, until then I prefer my Ford Focus – all 160k miles driven without cruise control.

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: Everything except her shoes– seriously, most men really don’t care.

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: his name, bottle opener, wheelbarrow, endless supply of chewing gum, and a copy of Aretha Franklin Live at the Fillmore.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “Teach Your Children Well”

I WROTE THIS SONG: in front of a mirror. It’s difficult to lie straight to your face.


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