Daily Discovery: Wellington Bullings Ignites a Sonic “Flame” on Latest Single

“Songwriting is the most beautiful form of communication,” Colorado-born singer/songwriter Wellington Bullings says. “There’s no need to rely on the limitation of words when the melody and chords bring your message to life in the most complete way.”

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Bullings continues to explain that the limitless realm of songwriting offers her “a safe space to explore and examine the complexities of life and my own sense of self.”

The boundless nature of music is reminiscent of the Colorado mountains where Bullings grew up and first fell in love with music. In her Colorado home, Bullings listened to all genres, but she was particularly drawn to jazz. Enamored by the soulful genre, she went on to study Jazz Vocal Performance and Songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Today, with the technical skill to bolster her innate talent for music, Bullings is an artist to watch.

Her latest single, “Flame,” was released this past summer with the evergreen notes of empowerment.

“The song ‘Flame’ was written as a response to the racial injustices that resurfaced in the year of 2020,” Bullings tells American Songwriter. “I felt compelled to write a song that would uplift myself and the Black community by highlighting a positive narrative. I wanted to focus on a story that celebrated Black beauty and excellence, as opposed to victimhood. There is of course a painful history to remember, but I wanted to write a song that offered a sense of belonging and comfort to the black community. 

“[It] was born out of my desire to help heal the hearts of black people, including my own,” Bullings continues. “It is a love letter to those who have been let down by a system that refuses to value their presence in this world. Writing this song was my way of honoring those who lost their lives due to racial injustice.” 

“Flame” runs at an impressive six minutes and sixteen seconds as to not rush the message Bullings so elegantly conveys. Sonically, “Flame” eases listeners into its soundscape before taking flight atop Bullings’ vocals.

“The song has a very chanty tribal feel in the beginning. When the harmonies come in there’s a sense of comfort and familiarity,” she says. “However, there are other elements of unsteadiness throughout the music with the change in time signatures and the back and forth of the humming sections. These details in the music are intentional and are supposed to denote the challenges that black people face. When it comes to dismantling systemic racism, the progression can often feel inconsistent. I wanted the music and production to reflect these themes.”

Overall, Bullings pulled from an honest place to provide some solace for her listeners.

Listen to “Flame” by Wellington Bullings, below.

Photo courtesy of The Elixir Media Group.

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