Dasha’s EP ‘Shiny Things’ Reflects a Rollercoaster of Emotions

Dasha is shifting through many mood swings. Falling innocently in love, being cheated on, a good birthday cry, and finding one’s inner “confident bitch”—her debut EP, $hiny Things, is a reflection of these events, leading to the latter state.

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“This EP is the epitome of all the ups and downs I’ve felt over the past year,” says Dasha.

Recently signing with Quadio Records, the California-bred, Nashville-based artist is enraptured in pop. Moving through the six tracks of Shiny Things, Dasha excavates heartbreak on the cheating chant of I hope she hurt you like you fucking hurt meall I’m saying is that cheaters go to hell and on “None of My Business,” through the rush of “Better Than She Did.” There’s a new amore on “$hiny Things”—also the first track Dasha wrote for the EP—and “Make It Work with You,” while the more sobering “21st Birthday” is the perfect segue into the more empowered close of “More Than This,” inspired by typical “quarantine relationship” Dasha observed so many friends experiencing and finding something better.

“There was nothing to do so they just sat inside all day, watched movies, drank, and got takeout,” says Dasha. “I’ve been in relationships in the past where I’ve felt so stuck in the same mundane routines and conversations.”

Dasha (Photo: Mikey Newell)

Dasha adds, “I’m so proud of the diversity and vulnerability of this project. I think a lot of songwriters and artists pull away from slowing things down and saying what they need to say in a very direct, conversational manner. In all of the songs, including ‘More Than This,’ I’m not afraid to call myself or other people out.”

Releasing her first single, “Moments,” in 2017, Dasha has entered a more vulnerable and honest place as a songwriter. Gravitating towards melodies first, inspiration comes from different places leaving her with an “overwhelming library” of song ideas tucked away. “When I first started writing, I felt myself trying to fit into a box,” she says. “Now, I’ve created my own musical signatures, of which I’m very proud.”

$hiny Things finds Dasha at her most exposed. “All of these songs are inspired by real emotions I’ve gone through,” she says. “My goal is to write songs that people can relate to and I think this EP does just that through many situations and emotions.”

Dasha adds, “Quarantine was like one big musical incubation period. I was writing everyday, even doing tons of Zoom sessions. It was like a huge wave of creativity and motivation hit me right as the world shut down.“

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