David Crosby to Release Historic First Ever Live Album and Full Concert DVD Set

Two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Crosby announced this week that he will soon release an historic first-ever live album and full concert DVD set this winter on November 25.

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To celebrate the news, Crosby released a new live version of “1974 (Live a the Capitol Theater),” along with a live performance video.

Crosby, of course, is a co-founder of the band The Byrds and of Crosby, Stills & Nash. Now, for the first time ever, he will be releasing a solo live CD plus DVD package.

Arriving November 25, 2022, via BMG, the folk-rock legend and cultural force for over fifty years, continues his late period renaissance with the release of David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band Live at the Capitol Theatre. Pre–order the set HERE.

Continuing to forge new paths in his eighth decade, Crosby again joins forces with Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis, and Michael League, the three musicians known as The Lighthouse Band, who he’s been working with since his Lighthouse album (2016). 

Recorded and filmed at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, in a particularly meaningful turn for Crosby, the sixteen-track live offering includes an uncut gem with the song “1974”—a long-lost demo track that Crosby had floating around on his computer hard drive for decades. 

“I found the demo and I listened to it. I fell in love with this and I thought, you know, Crosby should finish this and he said, ‘Man, it’s been sitting on my computer for 40 years, so you know, whatever, sure’, so I sent it to Becca Stevens and she was like, ‘give me a crack at it’—so she came in a couple of days later with four-part harmonies for the entire song, lyrics for the entire song, and we sat down that day and kind of fine-tuned things, and so 44 years after it’s kind of conception a song was born,” shares vocalist/guitarist Michael League. 

This very special live performance acts as a celebration of sorts as it spotlights the kindred relationship Crosby shares with League, Stevens, and Willis. 

Stevens offers, “The Lighthouse band is family. David and I tease about my not “understanding the magnitude of his brilliance”. I didn’t grow up with his music. I knew his name, but that was about it. I’ve gotten to know him purely through my experience of him in the present moment, generous, endlessly inspired, ambitious, and completely insane (in all my favorite ways). A man who has known immense fame, and yet would start a band at seventy-something with three youngish weirdos, begging them to share the light with him. There’s something truly wonderful in that, and truly David.” 

Willis adds, “He (Crosby) has gifted us his friendship, care, wisdom, humor, family, and community. And in addition, he has given Mike, Becca, and I endless tools to create something of beauty to offer. This is because he truly believes in music, and its ability to profoundly change and make better those who encounter it. I’m so grateful to have a fighter like Croz in my life.”

David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band Live at the Capitol Theatre

CD & DVD tracklist 

The Us Below

Things We Do For Love


Vagrants of Venice



What Are Their Names 

By The Light of Common Day


The City 

Look in Their Eyes



Carry Me

Déjà Vu


Photo: Anna Webber / Republic Media

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