David Gilmour Guests on Donovan’s Upcoming Album, Shares New Song ‘Rock Me’

Two 1960s psych-rock icons have joined forces, crafting a collaborative medley of airy, bewitching vocals à la Donovan and ominous, spellbinding guitar stylings courtesy of David Gilmour.

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A part of the “Hurry Gurdy Man” artist’s upcoming album, Gaelia: The Sulan Sessions, Donovan recently dropped “Rock Me,” a brightly lilting, yet darkly-tinged tune that features the guitar craft of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.

“David had already learned to fly (he wrote a song about it, too) and flew himself into Ireland for the session,” Donovan told Variety of recording with the rock legend. “David brought his guitar roadie, who set up two amps in the studio, handed David his pink Strat, and his unique signature sound enthralled us all.”

Listen to Gilmour’s enchanting contributions to Donovan’s “Rock Me,” below.

“Rock Me” is just the beginning of the pair’s star power on the forthcoming album. Gilmour also added his chops to the closing song, “Lover O’ Lover.”

Of the album as a whole, Donovan explained, “The fusion of my Gaelic roots styles, with my poetry and melodic composition, signature finger-style guitar phrasing, classical gypsy strings, vocal emoting and Gaelic rock, is a complete success for me on Gaelia.

“I have fulfilled my service again as a living shaman poet,” he continued of the record which features a superstar list of traditional Irish music collaborators. “All the guests, and Dan Fitzgerald, my co-producer, excelled, enhancing the songs with their superlative talents and great respect for all I have achieved in bringing worldwide appreciation for our Gaelic tradition.”

Gaelia is set to arrive on Dec. 15.

Track List:

1. “Moon Over Clare”
2. “Watching the Sun Go Down”
3. “Glasgow Town”
4. “The Ferryman’s Daughter”
5. “The Ghost of Pagan Song”
6. “Where Are You Now”
7. “Living on Love”
8. “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”
9. “Madrigalinda”
10. “Down By the Harbour”
11. “Rock Me”
12. “Lover O’ Lover”

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