Doja Cat Reveals Potential Title for Upcoming Album

Ever since Doja Cat broke records with her third album Planet Her in the summer of 2021, fans have been dying to know what her next LP will look and sound like.

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On Tuesday evening (March 21), the pop-rap superstar took to Twitter to tweet out what could potentially be the title for her upcoming studio album. Without context, the tweeted out the hashtag “#hellmouth,” which fans believe is the name of her project yet to be given a release date. Additionally, she changed her Twitter username to “Hellmouth.”

In the replies to her tweet, Twitter users speculated that the abrasive name could mean that Doja is making a rock or punk album. However, she shut down those discussions quickly, replying “nope” and “fuck no you won’t” to two separate comments from fans about them either getting a rock/alternative album or a pop/punk/rap album.

In early February, Doja Cat told Variety that her next album would go in a more “masculine direction” as opposed to her previous “pop and glittery sounds.” While she did not elaborate on what genre this meant, the multi-dimensional artist said that she will recruit drummers and guitarists for songs but will avoid the pop-punk route.

Last year, Doja did multiple other interviews where she left a trail of breadcrumbs for fans to put together what the album could sound like. Speaking with Dazed in November 2022, she asserted that the Beastie Boys is one of her main influences at the moment. “And just to make it clear, Beastie Boys is a huge inspiration to me,” she said. “Beastie Boys will hit you with hard, loud and crazy rap, but they’ll also hit you with real raw 90s punk, which I love, or smooth techno that feels sexy and sleek. And you’ll be like, ‘Where the fuck did this come from?’”

Hoping to emulate the 1980s world-famous rap group, Doja said she’ll likely drop a few singles before giving fans “the real project.” In September, Doja also said her forthcoming record would be inspired by German rave culture, but shortly after backtracked on that stance via Twitter.

Overall, it seems like Doja Cat gets a kick out of staying vague with her plans. After all, fans aren’t entitled to a sneak peek into an artist’s creative process. Either way, whether it’s pop, rap, punk, rock or all of the above, Doja’s tentatively titled Hellmouth will surely meet the standard of quality she set for herself with Planet Her (2021) and Hot Pink (2019).

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