Dolly Parton Tells Fans They Can Find Her Latest Album ‘Rockstar’ at Their Local Dollar General

Dolly Parton’s latest album Rockstar dropped last Friday (November 17). Those who want to hear the Queen of Country Music performing classic rock songs won’t have to look hard. The 30-track collection is available on all streaming platforms. Additionally, it is in stores around the world, including your local Dollar General.

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Parton took to social media today to let her fans know they could find her album at the discount retail chain. “Rockstar is here! Head on down to your local Dollar General to grab your copy of my new album before they’re gone,” she wrote.

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Parton also included a video showing her finding her album in the store. While there, she poses with a copy of Rockstar. Additionally, she talks, jokes, and poses with the store’s employees.

The placement of Rockstar at the discount retailer is one more example of Parton’s marketing genius. Many artists don’t stock their new releases at Dollar General. However, the “Jolene” singer understands the massive market she’s tapping into by doing so.

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When many people think of finding the latest music, several retail stores probably come to mind. However, Dollar General probably isn’t on that list. When it comes to Parton’s new album, though, being on a DG shelf just makes sense.

Much like the country icon, the discount retail chain has its roots in Tennessee. The Dollar General headquarters is in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Additionally, the chain has more than 19,000 locations across the United States, according to Statista. Parton’s home state has 977 stores. As a result, this allows Parton to get Rockstar in front of countless shoppers every day.

Additionally, the placement of Rockstar in Dollar General stores puts it within reach of people who may not visit other big box retailers or, at the very least, those who don’t browse the music selection of those retailers.

In the video Parton posted, viewers can see that the album isn’t tucked away in an electronics or strictly entertainment-oriented section. Instead, the album sits at the register where shoppers would find other impulse-buy items.

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