Megan Thee Stallion Employs Nostalgic Imagery for New Single “BOA,” Samples Gwen Stefani

Megan Thee Stallion has tapped a 2004 Gwen Stefani hit for her new single “BOA,” sampling the club banger “What You Waiting For?” The sample appears throughout the single, backing Megan’s vocals. She also used nostalgic imagery and icons for the video, and fans took notice.

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Fans swarmed on Twitter/X for the single release, commenting on the sample and the clever imagery. Gwen Stefani was briefly trending on the platform, and fans were ecstatic to revisit one of Stefani’s more maximalist videos.

“Nostalgia overload!,” one fan commented, sharing stills from the video. “From the music video color grading, N64 controller, DDR and other 1997-2002 technology references. Gwen Stefani sample was the cherry on top.”

Another fan wrote about “What You Waiting For?” in particular. “‘What You Waiting For?’ by Gwen Stefani came out as I was 15,” they wrote, “And it’s still one of the best songs about writer’s block, dreams, aspirations for success, analysis paralysis. A thumping affirmation to take that chance, we’re still hot, everyone’s ready: what are we waiting for?”

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Megan Thee Stallion Single-Handedly Revived the Millennials with Gwen Stefani Sample in “BOA”

One thing is for sure about Megan Thee Stallion—she loves anime. That love is usually cleverly showcased in her visuals, from her videos to her clothing to her Instagram stories of eating around Japan. “BOA” is no different, but it goes the extra mile and employs nostalgic video game and technology elements as well.

The video includes classic video game imagery, such as a Mortal Kombat-inspired KO, as well as the N64 console and Dance Dance Revolution. The colors are bright yet soft, creating a haze of nostalgia. Then there’s the Gwen Stefani sample. Millennials on Twitter/X came out of the woodwork for this single, as Stefani was basically the mother of this generation.

“What You Waiting For?” is the ultimate sample—it’s catchy and clubby, and Megan used it well in her new single. The videos are similar in extravagance as well, although not in content. While Stefani used Alice in Wonderland imagery for her video, Megan went in a more 90s-2000s direction, which makes sense for the sample. However, the two videos share a common thread—they both have a high production value and interesting storyline.

Has Megan Thee Stallion ushered in the Gwen Stefani renaissance? Or did No Doubt playing Coachella do that already? Either way, Stefani is currently at the forefront of pop culture, and we can’t wait to see if she has something new planned in the future.

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