Robert Plant Rumored To Be Working on New Project Featuring Reimagined Versions of Led Zeppelin Songs

Founding Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant is working on a recording project that will feature one or more updated versions of songs by his old band, the LedZepNews fan site reports.

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According to the website, the news was shared by multiple people who are working on the project in now-deleted social media posts.

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Singer and writer Antonella Gambotto-Burke told LedZepNews that Plant recently spent a day at the Magic Garden Recording Studio in Wolverhampton, U.K., and during that time he worked on a new rendition of a Led Zeppelin song.

“While the project is currently top secret, it involves a Led Zeppelin song,” Gambotto-Burke told the website. “Spending time with Robert has been such a privilege.”

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She also noted, “The thing that surprised me most was the intense magic he brings with him. It literally fills the room. Spiritually speaking, he’s a giant, and the music is, of course, untouchable. I’m still flying!”

Producer Gavin Monaghan’s Deleted Post About the Plant Session

LedZepNews reports that the session was overseen by producer Gavin Monaghan, a two-time Producer of the Year winner at the Birmingham Music Awards and owner of Magic Garden studio.

A now-deleted Instagram post from Monaghan appeared to reveal that Plant’s new project was connected with Wolves Records, a label launched in 2021 by the Wolverhampton Wanderers soccer club. Plant has been a vice president of the club since 2009.

“Absolute pleasure to be working with Robert Plant and Wolves Records at Magic Garden Recording Studio again,” the post read, according to LedZepNews. “And the thrill of a lifetime to be reimagining some classic cuts from Led Zeppelin.”

Engineer Liam Radburn’s Deleted Post About the Plant Session

Liam Radburn, an engineer at Magic Garden studio posted a similar message on his Instagram site that also has been deleted, the fan site reported.

“An absolute honour to work on reimagined versions of classic Led Zeppelin songs with Robert Plant for Wolves at Magic Garden Recording Studio,” Radburn reportedly posted.

Gambotto-Burke’s Deleted Post About the Plant Session

Meanwhile, Gambotto-Burke also wrote about Plant’s recording session in a now-deleted Facebook post.

“In keeping with the rollercoaster that is 2024: hanging out for the day with Robert Plant in the studio,” Gambotto-Burke wrote, according to LedZepNews. “Robert specifically asked to work with Magic Garden Recording Studio, making the brilliant Gavin one of a handful of living producers who has had the honour of working on a Led Zeppelin track. He is, hands down, the most grounded rock star I’ve ever met.”

LedZepNews also posted a photo of Plant with Monaghan and Gambotto-Burke that was taken from her Facebook page. The pic apparently is no longer on Gambotto-Burke’s Facebook page.

More About Monaghan and Gambotto-Burke

Monaghan and Gambotto-Burke are romantic and creative partners who make up the musical duo of Mama feat. Antonella.

Monaghan previously worked with Plant when the Led Zeppelin legend contributed vocals to a track on Wolverhampton-based singer/songwriter Scott Matthews’ 2009 album Elsewhere. That project also was recorded at Magic Garden studio.

Plant’s 2024 Tour Dates

Plant has a variety of upcoming 2024 tour dates on his schedule. He will be finishing up a spring U.K. tour with his folk project Saving Grace over the next several days. Plant then will launch a U.S. headlining tour with acclaimed folk/bluegrass artist Alison Krauss that’s mapped out from June 6 to June 19.

On June 21, Plant and Krauss will join Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival Tour for a series of stateside performances running through July 7.

In late July, Plant will play a few more U.K. shows with Saving Grace. He then will team up with Krauss again for late-summer North American tour leg running from August 8 to September 21.

Plant and Saving Grave will hit the road once again in October for a series of show in Italy.

Tickets for Plant’s concerts are available now via various outlets, including StubHub.

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