Easy Honey Drums Up an EP to Get Lost In with ‘Maritime Love Affair, Pt. I’

Easy Honey’s latest release, Maritime Love Affair, Pt. I, is exactly what you need to add to your playlist. 

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The band’s sound, built by dual frontmen Selby Austin (Vocals & Guitar) and Darby McGlone (Vocals & Guitar), Charlie Holt (Vocals & Drums) and Daniel Comen (Bass Guitar), oozes with fresh melodies and feel-good beats that seep into your brain. Recently, the members of Easy Honey outlined their four-track EP in an interview with American Songwriter. 

Charlie began by describing the impact of location on the band’s creative output. Easy Honey originally came together as a college band playing for enthusiastic friends in the mountain town of Sewanee, Tennessee. After carefully honing their sound, they released their self-titled album in 2018 and moved to Charleston, South Carolina. 

Yet, everything seemed a little different on the beach. “What I’m getting at is that we came to this town and we felt like we still have a lot to prove,” Selby said. “And it’s been cool getting here and starting fresh and just ripping it.”

“It was a pretty big contrast,” Darby added. “And some of the songs were seeds in Sewanee, but really came into their own in Charleston…. It’s unknown territory to a lot of us — to all of us aside from Daniel who we met here —  and with that comes the whole fresh clean slate of ideas, and I think it’s just a catalyst for a lot of these songs.”

Their songs “Body Language,” “Leo,” “The Gruel” and “Nude” consequently stand as evidence of Easy Honey’s evolution. This collection of songs exists as a delightful romp through the band’s ability to flesh out their melodies.

“Body Language” and “Leo” specifically create a splash with an intermingling of rock and beachy tones accompanied by thunderous vocals. “The Gruel” follows this strong opening with a more direct approach by entreating listeners to “listen close / hear what I have to say.” “Nude” then closes the EP with a more ethereal touch to Easy Honey’s tour de force EP.

The guys of Easy Honey emphasized that their success with Maritime Love Affair, Pt. I came from simply being honest with themselves — and by being upfront with their music, they have seen a genuine reaction in their listeners. “As musicians, we just want transparency from ourselves and our experiences displayed through our music,” Darby said. 

“And if listeners can hear a taste of that — I think that’s a success….  What’s cool about it is it’s transparent, but it’s not an instruction. It’s not like a manual. It’s like a kick and then [listeners are] in freefall, they have to sort of decide what to do from there. We provide this song and then everyone has their own interpretation. Everyone has their own idea of what it means, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Overall, Easy Honey merely wants listeners to “love rock.” And if it happens to be their rock that you love, well, all the better.

Check out “Leo” below and watch out for the second part of Maritime Love Affair coming soon.

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