Dave Grohl Better Keep Practicing for Drum-Off with 10-Year-Old Nandi Bushell

Nandi Bushell isn’t backing down. The 10-year-old is currently in a drumming battle with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, and the British multi-instrumentalist is winning… so far.

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The competition initially started on August 17 when Bushell went viral after posting an Instagram video of her playing drums to the Foo Fighters’ 1997 anthem “Everlong.” The long-time fan also said it was her dream to one day jam with Grohl and Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins, adding “Mr. Grohl I would love to have a drum battle with you!”

Soon after, Grohl accepted the challenge, saying “Challenge accepted. Haven’t played these songs in a loooooong time…..thanks for the inspiration!!! Your move!!!”

Bushell learned “Dead End Friends” (2009) by Grohl supergroup Them Crooked Vultures and uploaded a stacked video of her performance of the song, along with Grohl’s for comparison.

Following the round, Grohl ceded tweeting, ”Ok… you win round one… but it ain’t over yet!””Buckle up, cuz I have something special in mind… Stay tuned.”

Since the competition started, Bushell has caught the attention of other rockers with her video covers. Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello gifted the young musician one of his Soul Power Fender Stratocasters. To thank Morello, she covered Audiosalve’s “Cochise” on the guitar.

Now at round two, Grohl wrote a special song to honor the young prodigy. Along with the “Grohlettes” singing “Nandi” in between verses, Grohl tweeted a video of his new song, singing Number one supergirl / Best drummer in the world/ Always right on time/ Hero wunderkind/ She got the power/ She got the sound/ Nandi on the drums make the world go round.

Bushell was stunned watching Grohl’s dedication, thanked the rocker and his family… then continued the challenge, saying “I cant believe Mr. Grohl wrote a song about me!?! This is so so so #EPIC!! I think its the best song EVER, in the WORLD, EVER!!! Thank you so much Dave. You have raised the stakes to all instruments! I accept your next challenge!”

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