Ella Vos Premieres “Burning Bridges,” Shares Story Behind the Song

Indie-pop artist, Ella Vos, premieres a new music video for her recently released, “Burning Bridges,” today on American Songwriter.

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After years of supporting BØRNS and other LA groups on the keyboard, the young mother, now solo artist, has created a unique space for herself. Her synth-pop production places her well within the sunshine state scene, but her lyrics cross-genre and audience bounds. In shifting from the keys to the mic, Vos brings otherworldly vocals to less chart-friendly topics. Her first two releases sink into postpartum depression, championing for women’s choice in reproductive rights, and her life-altering diagnosis with lymphoma. 

“Burning Bridges” is a natural follow up to title-track “Turbulence,” of her second studio album. The first single is “basically a confession of my searching out for ‘turbulence,’ and sometimes creating it myself, to grow.” Admitting what she still has to learn from the unhealthy situations she finds herself in; the second single is tinged with the desire to heal from them. 

The album title tells it how it is. A direct follow up from her previous work, the record explores self-love, motherhood, cancer treatments, and divorce. Until now, her lyrics focused on the low lows. Turbulence balances out, seeking highs. They equalize to embed themes of resilience, persistence, self-care, change, and growth throughout the record. 

“The phrase ‘I’m always burning bridges’ is more aspirational for me than it is true,” Vos explained of the potential misnomer. “I’ve often stayed in relationships and situations way past their expiration. I’ve never been good at setting boundaries with people.”

The video opens with a perfectly poised woman driving up to what appears to be a dilapidated home. With ease, she enters a post-war zone type destruction. From one room to the next, she changes her tune with her outfit. She speaks into existence, manifesting the surer self she aspires to be. An upbeat groove insists that burning bridges to protect yourself is not only powerful but easy to do. 

“I’ve wanted to make more music that I can dance to, and that will be super fun to perform live. I am known for more of my chill pop sound, so I hope my fans embrace this upbeat, groovy song as well,” the artist remarked of her more dynamic production. 

A self-described “empath,” Vos explained she feels and senses other people’s emotions deeply as if they were her own. This intuition plays well into her ability to connect lyrically with an audience. However, it creates barriers for personal healing. 

“I’ve been working on ‘burning bridges’ with people, ideas, and habits that aren’t good for my health,” the artist began. “I started writing this song in the first few months after separating from my husband of eight years. I knew it was the right decision, but I had a ton of guilt and resistance about it. I hated the idea of causing any rift, even though we were way past the point of return. There was a time when I resented him, but it quickly faded. I didn’t have much anger towards him personally to fuel a break-up song. But I did have a lot of frustration with myself for the years I spent not taking care of myself and not listening to my own needs, and that’s the root of this song.”

Watch the new video for “Burning Bridges” from Ella Vos below and keep an eye out for more to come from forthcoming Turbulence

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