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The C.F. Martin Company only made a couple hundred of the Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 Guitar that year. Now a 21st century replica of the guitar, one that is as true to the original as it can possibly be, is available. (Click here to read our review).

Want to own one? Simply click the button below and tell us the “ten albums you’d take to the other side,” and you’ll be entered to win a Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 Guitar.

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Selected entries will be reprinted in our January/February 2014 issue.

Deadline: December 15, 2013 at 11:59PM CST.


  1. Six years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastisized colon cancer and given an 8.1% chance of living 5 years. Because I couldnt work for nearly two years I was forced to sell my 17 guitars (including a Martin D28, a 1945 Gibson J45 and a Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gent) as well as an analog recording studio I had been building and 11 amplifiers in order to save my house and support my wife of 42 years. It was a devastating time for me so I turned to metaphysics and left no stone unturned in order to save my life. A month ago I had a complete knee replacement surgery due to osteoarthritis. As a spiritual person I remain full of gratitude to still be here to enjoy all the beauty life has to offer. To win this beautiful guitar would be a dream come true and would certainly pertain to your deathbed contest. If not I still appreciate the opportunity because Martin has always been my favorite axe. Thank you in advance and God Bless!

  2. If I win, my 19 year old daughter, Samantha will get this. She taught herself how to play the guitar in 10th grade. This is also when she learned that part of her left brain is atrophied and her right brain over the years has picked up those skills that were lost. She loves the Martin guitar. and is totally awesome at playing it. Even tried out for Am. Idol in the D. She is on a full Presidential Scholarship at WSU. Her brain processing is slower than normal brained people but her intelligence is high. She works as a Residential Advisor in a dorm for free room and board. I would really love to win this and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my name will be selected. Good luck everyone. I wish Martin gives everyone that enters one of these. Love the product and the company.

  3. Every STYX album ever made! Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight, Equinox, Greatest Hits, Mr Roboto etc etc etc….STYX has never released a bad album. With or without Dennis DeYoung, they’re Rockin’ the Paradise of this forever STYX fan!

  4. Hey now! I sent in my list of ten albums by my favorites: John Hiatt, Rory Gallagher, the Grateful Dead, jimmy Thackery, James mcMurtry, Jerry Garcia, Sonny Landreth, blind Boy Fuller, Anson Funderburgh and the rockets with Sweet Sam Meyers, and Steve Earle. Dedicated to my late friend Gary Lollar a great blues man from Florissant Mo. I have two of his guitars and remember him yelling “play blues! Play blues!” And that is what I plan to do since getting out of the police business! The blues is in me and I’m gettin’ ’em out, but I’m glad to have them!

  5. There are some heart breaking stories in here & I have
    one as well, however I think that I’m more fortunate than some. If I win I
    would feel happy to have won and to be able to create some beautiful quality sounding music with a Martin Guitar that most may be able to remember me by after I’m gone but on the other hand I would also feel somewhat sad because of some that are more deserving of this prize than I. I’m a real sucker for any sad stories for “anyone” but especially children. Well here goes nothing…
    I’m married with 3 sons, 1 daughter & a 13-year-old dog
    & a cat. I was a drummer (50 Years-Since Age 9) but no longer due to
    a serious motorcycle accident on 5-18-08 & 10 surgeries to date leaving me
    permanently disable physically & financially and unable to ever play the
    drums again. I recently had Prostate Cancer, which resulted in 2
    surgeries and removal of my Prostate and I’m cancer free for now (Thank You
    Lord!). Music is in my blood & I’m board so now I’m a brand new-beginner-guitar
    player (2 months) with a cheep China Stratocaster copy electric guitar so I’m
    need of gear to learn, hear, compose, produce, play, record, monitor, mix,
    & edit guitar songs with my Mac/Apogee JAM/GarageBand/MainStage3. I don’t
    have a lot of years to figure it all out when time is not on my side at almost
    62 years of age (15-20 Years?), however I will at least enjoy what time I do
    have left. Don’t want or need pity or sorrow. I just need the tools of the
    trade 8 -)

  6. Wish it was Top 25 cause it’s so hard to narrow it down to just 10. Songs take use back in time / memories. Who we were with, where we were, Smells, Taste, events in our lives, etc., so the songs / music have different emotions & memories for different people. For me these are the songs / Music that work for me when I was at a pivotal point in my life that still impact me today to hear them. It’s like taking a vacation without ever leaving the farm.
    Ambrosia “One Eighty 1980”
    Blind Faith “Blind Faith Debut Album 1969”
    Boston “Debut Album 1976”
    Crosby Stills Nash “Crosby Stills Nash Debut Album 1969”
    Eagles “Hotel California 1976”
    Led Zeppelin “Led Zeppelin Debut Album 1969”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd “Street Survivors 1977”
    Peter Frampton “Peter Frampton Comes Alive 1976”
    Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon 1973”
    Santana “Abraxas 1970)”

  7. The Lion and the Cobra by Sinead O’Connor
    Theology by Sinead O’Connor
    Tapestry by Carole King
    Blue by Joni Mitchell
    The Band by The Band
    Sweet Baby James by James Taylor
    Mother’s Spiritual by Laura Nyro
    Harvest by Neil Young
    Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow
    Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens

  8. 461 Ocean Boulevard-Clapton
    Riding with the King–B.B. King/Clapton
    Heart of Gold-Neil Young
    Rust Never Sleeps-Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    Everybody Knows This is Nowhere-Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    Sign No More-Mumford & Sons
    Servant Wide Awake-Vineyard Music
    Babel-Mumford & Sons
    Promises of Wonder-Vineyard Campbellsville

  9. 461 Ocean Boulevard-Clapton
    Riding with the King–B.B. King/Clapton
    Heart of Gold-Neil Young
    Rust Never Sleeps-Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    Everybody Knows This is Nowhere-Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    Sign No More-Mumford & Sons
    Servant Wide Awake-Vineyard Music
    Babel-Mumford & Sons
    Promises of Wonder-Vineyard Campbellsville

    Please DELETE THE GUEST POST BELOW. I didn’t do that; however that is my post.

  10. Please Martin&Co, i have a tiny beginner guitar that can’t even be tuned. I am 15 years old and i live at the bottom of the world (New Zealand). I love playing the guitar and have a real passion for singer songwriters like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson. I want to improve my guitar playing skills but I don’t have the tools to do it. It is competitions like this that give me hope of becoming one of my idols. if you could help me out that would be the best.

  11. mr martin i am 80 years old and i love martin guitars, i am no making a record of old mountian music at home sure would love to play that martin on the record ive played old time banjo and made third place at galax va fiddler convention in the 70 s played guitar about all all my life
    so thank you mr martin for giving me a chance to win one , iris eury

  12. Whats with the sob stories. ALBUMS..,.THATS IT. Anyone can make up some b.s but that was not the contest. It didn’t say, ‘hey people, you can win a Martin guitar if you unload on us like we’re your therapist’.

    • Hi Chris Topher Hill,
      You’re absolutely right. It shouldn’t be about the saddest personal story because there are a million of them & there is always someone with a worse story than yours no matter how bad your story may be. Sad Stories can be another contest for another day. It should be about the Top 10 Albums that you would take to the other side, if you could, as posted. I have to admit that I was somewhat confused when posting my 10 albums and saw some of the sad stories. I thought that I had misread or that it was part of the prerequisite necessary to summit for the contest so I posted one as well. I wish that the Web Master could proof-read and remove any content not pertaining to the contest to include my own.

  13. Henry the Human Fly – Richard Thompson White
    Album – Beatles Don
    Quixote – Gordon Lightfoot Sweetheart of the Rodeo – Byrds Realization
    – Johnny Rivers Wow
    – Moby Grape Eat
    a Peach – Allman Bros. Bein’
    Free – Jerry Jeff Walker Holland
    – Beach Boys Gilded
    Palace of sin – Flying Burrito Bros.

  14. Hey Martin folks,
    To take me to the other side,

    1) has to be “The Doors” debut 1967

    The transcendent Becca gets 2 slots, playing her daddy’s Martin after all 🙂
    2) Rebecca Loebe “Mystery Prize”

    3)Rebecca Loebe “Circus Heart”

    4) Tom Petty “Live Anthology”

    5) Arlo Guthrie “Live in Sydney”

    6)Paul Simon “Graceland”

    7)Bob Dylan “Blood on the Tracks”

    8)Mark Knopfler “Alchemy: Dire Straits Live

    9)Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”

    Last but not least, because this seems to be such a sad song thread 🙂

    Harry Chapin “Greatest Stories Live”

    Just 10 was tough, I’m praying the other side has all tunes available, and Marty Robbins is playing with Johnny Cash 🙂
    Thanks for the distraction,

  15. This is tough:

    Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

    Derek & The Dominoes – Layla

    Tom Waits – Mule Variations

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

    Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street

    The Band – Rock of Ages

    Jorma Kaukonen – Quah

    Pat Metheny – Missouri Sky

    Grateful Dead – Europe ’72

    Peter Gabriel – Us

  16. beautiful guitar! Hard to pick a deathbed 10, but if I was laid up with approx. 10 hours to go, they’d sound something like this:

    Tom Petty – Full Moon Fever – First cassette tape I ever had, learned every lyric, chord, phrase. Would be a nice way to round out a life. I’m headed to the Zombie Zoo anyway.

    Bill Withers – Still Bill – Use me up.

    Drive By Truckers – Decoration Day – Some of my favorite songwriting and would be a great way to re-live some memories of rocking out to this album on 11 with my friends.

    Whiskeytown – Pneumonia – Perfect blend of melancholy and hope.

    Byrds – 20 essential tracks – Because I love the guitar work and this would beat out The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’… I know I may be the only one to say that… but it’s MY deathbed!

    Jason Isbell – Live in Alabama – Possibly my favorite songwriter and he kills it live on this record. Plus it’s got some of the same songs from my other DBT pick, but hey, these are live!

    Wilco – AM – Smooth listening. Prolly have a smoke break during this one. Only a few hours left.

    Paul Simon – Graceland – Beautiful and hopeful. Perfect listen.

    Allman Brothers – At Fillmore East – because damn! Duane I’m coming to see you.

    Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison – Because I love this record. JR, have a drink for me, I’m coming your way.

    …and I’m gone. been nice playing with you lovely folks. but my 10 albums are up and it looks like I’m going to the honky tonk in the sky. See ya there. Hopefully I can take this gorgeous OM-18 with me.

  17. Hot Fuss – The Killers
    21 – Adele
    Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
    Nine Lives – Aerosmith
    El Camino – The Black Keys
    Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars
    Any Given Thursday – John Mayer
    Showcase – Patsy Cline
    1 – The Beatles
    Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

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