Essential Hank Williams Jr. Songs: 4 Deep Cuts for Fans of Bocephus Himself

Hank Williams Jr. is unlike any other musician out there today, and his expansive career has generated hit after hit in the country music world. He’s also produced a few songs through the years that haven’t gotten the love they deserve. Let’s look at a few Hank Williams Jr. deep cuts!

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1. “I Just Ain’t Been Able”

This Hank Williams Jr. deep cut from the 1979 album Family Tradition deserves more love. It’s one of Williams’ bluesiest tracks, but it doesn’t lose that country/honky tonk energy that he’s known for.

2. “Tired Of Being Johnny B. Goode”

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound was a major success when it came out in 1979. The song of the same name and “White Lightnin’” were the main hits from the album, but “Tired Of Being Johnny B. Goode” wasn’t quite as popular even though it’s honestly a great song. It’s a simple but relatable track about the perils of capitalism that you wouldn’t expect from someone like Williams.

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3. “My Name Is Bocephus”

Hank Williams Jr. really likes singing songs about himself, doesn’t he? That ego paid off with songs like “My Name Is Bocephus”. This little track is criminally underrated and also lets fans take a look into the singer’s past. His father gave him the nickname “Bocephus” as a child after comedian Rod Brasfield’s on-stage dummy. The song is a simple little bluesy jam about searching for love and lamenting love lost.

4. “Outlaw Women”

This might be a controversial addition to this list, as many fans and haters of Williams alike have noted the sexist themes in this song from Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound. That being said, it’s a quintessential Hank Williams Jr. song in a few different ways. It has all of the elements of a Hank Williams Jr. track, from the twangy guitar to the raspy, almost-drunken vocals.

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