Esther Rose Talks About the Misconceptions of ‘How Many Times’

Esther Rose released her third full-length album How Many Times and is already burnt by the topic of heartache. Seeing your work as one thing and one emotion overwhelming the conversation that then shapes the narrative, isn’t probably everyone’s intention.

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Rose shares the source of the burnout, the prophetic sense of her music, and the discovery of her unique sound that even caught the ears of Jack White with host Brandon Harrington on the latest episode of Surviving the Music Industry podcast.

Now on her third major release, Rose admits that she first started writing music at the age of 27. As you listen to the conversation, you begin to feel a sense of intention from the beginning of her music, but she admits to being available to the experiences made known—an interesting balance for this former New Orleans resident, now living in Taos, New Mexico. Rose also shares how the idea of home is starting to take shape in her life and what that means for her expression as she already has a new batch of songs that may or may not follow a certain burnt-out theme.

Because of her gender, Rose reveals that media and public perception seem to gravitate toward the emotional heartache of her music—a narrative that she plans on changing for her new music. But was “heartache” a previous theme from the album How Many Times? Rose shares that heartache is just a small piece from this project. Harrington confirms that there are multiple layers beyond the traditional heartbreak stories of the genre.

In addition, Harrington takes the opportunity to investigate Rose’s process of writing and recording her music. Her music is truly unique, catching the attention of Jack White, who invited her to sing on his Boarding House Reach album. Rose explains her role in her music and how only time and space dictate what will happen in the song, as opposed to outside forces that cause many artists to pander.

Esther Rose’s third full link album, How Many Times

Harrington shares that How Many Times is thoughtful and filled with more layers than what most initially recognize. Listening to the episode will give insight into who Rose is—a thoughtful person with layers that only an episode of Surviving the Music Industry can scratch the surface of, when there’s more to be discovered in more music to come.

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