Drew Carey Shocked by Phish’s Sphere Performance and How It Made U2 Look like a “Bar Band”

Although not even opened for a year, the Sphere is taking over Las Vegas as iconic bands like U2 performed a string of concerts at the venue. Given its unique setting and 580,000 sq. ft. of LED displays, the Sphere appears to be a glimpse into what the future of concerts might look like. And for comedian Drew Carey, he is all for it. While enjoying his time watching U2 perform, according to the comedian, nothing compared to watching Phish. Apparently, the concert was so special, he claimed it made U2 look like a bar band. 

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While holding nothing back, Carey was sure to share some love for U2 as he watched the band numerous times. He told  SiriusXM’s Phish Radio, “It blew my mind how great it was.” He even brought a few of his friends along with him to see the show. But that all changed when he returned for Phish. “Then, three songs into Thursday night with Phish at the Sphere, I honestly was kinda mad. I wanted to call U2 and get my money back. It made them look like a bar band.”

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Drew Carey Receives Special Gift From Phish

While knowing how his words can be taken, Carey insisted, “Nothing against U2, it was a great show. I think Phish took full advantage of the audio and the video in that place and what could possibly be done. Now my mind is spinning about things I want to see at the Sphere.”

Back in April, Carey drew a great deal of attention when he initially praised Phish for their concert. At the time he shared online, “I swear I just talked to God. I would give you all my money, stick my dick in a blender and swear off p***y for the rest of my life in exchange for this. Bro I met God tonight for real. I feel like I just got saved by Jesus no lie.”

The tweet not only gained praise from fellow Phish fans, but the group responded to the message by sending Carey a blender that was autographed by the band. 

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