First-Ever ‘American Song Contest’ Winner Chosen: AleXa

The Eurovision-inspired song contest in the United States, the American Song Contest, has picked its first-ever overall winner. And the winner is—drumroll please—AleXa, the K-Pop singer representing Oklahoma.

The musical competition saw an impressive 56 contestants representing the 50 U.S. states and six districts/territories. The show was judged by a jury of 56 music industry professionals in addition to the fan vote. (You can find a full breakdown of the competition rules HERE.) In the end, AleXa was voted as the winner of the competition and, now, the holder of the title of Best Original Song.

For the final episode of the American Song Contest, AleXa performed her song “Wonderland” again for the third time. There were some differences between this performance, though, and the times she sang the tune in episode one and the semi-finals. “First of all, being strung up in the air in a chair is quite different I’d say but it’s also super cool because, during the dress rehearsal, I didn’t get to see the dancers’ outfits. I saw them for the first time today on stage and they looked phenomenal and they kicked butt like usual,” she said.

“I’m happy to have this incredible creative team to make everything possible,” the singer continued. “Every stage felt like a new challenge to overcome and I’m so grateful that we conquered this one together.”

And when she found out that she had won the entire season?

“It felt like my brain exploded because my mother was holding onto my arm and she was crying and shaking and so I cried with her,” AleXa said. “It was a very emotional experience. Sharing that moment with my team and all the ASC friends who were in the crowd meant the world to me.”

Watch AleXa’s final performance of “Wonderland” on American Song Contest below.

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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