From ‘Queen Elizabeth’ to ‘Dreaming of the Queen’ —5 Rock and Royal Songs About Her Majesty

There have been many songs about Queen Elizabeth – some written out of admiration and appreciation for the ruler, others … not so much. Her 70-year reign has inspired a number of satirical, often pointed, tunes, but here are five that say “Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl.”

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1. Young Tiger – “I Was There (At the Coronation)” (1953)

The first song to be written about Her Majesty was the literal “I Was There (At the Coronation),” a 1953 calypso ditty by Young Tiger. The song talks about seeing the Queen in all her glory with lyrics like Her majesty looked really divine / In her crimson robe, furred with her mind / The Duke of Edinburgh dignified and neat / Sat besides her as Admiral of the fleet

2. The Beatles – “Her Majesty” (1969)

The Abbey Road closer “Her Majesty” doesn’t speak of the Queen either highly or lowly. It paints the ruler in a semi-positive light as the Fab Four drop in to say she’s a “pretty nice girl,” even though “she doesn’t have a lot to say.”

Hey, you take what you can get with The Smiths releasing a murder ballad, “The Queen Is Dead,” and The Sex Pistols’ sneering “God Save The Queen.”

3. The Pet Shop Boys – “Dreaming of the Queen” (1993)

A musical fantasy of having tea with the Queen and Princess Diana, “Dreaming of the Queen” has a greater meaning with Elizabeth at the center. The song is about the AIDS crisis, in which the royals, especially Princess Di, were prominent figures in fighting the epidemic around the world.

4. Billy Bragg – “Rule Nor Reason” (1997)

The queen on her throne plays Shirley Bassey records when she’s all on her own / And she looks out the window and cries sings Billy Bragg in “Rule Nor Reason.” He sheds a unique light on the Queen, painting her as a sympathetic figure. Showing a tragic royal symbol of understanding rather than rebellion and hatred, “Rule Nor Reason” provides a refreshing mention of the ruler.

5. Cheat Codes – “Queen Elizabeth” (2016)

A love song to Queen Elizabeth, the Cheat Codes refer to her—or potentially some girl named Elizabeth, who the singer thinks of as royalty —as “the girl next door.” Either way, it’s an endearing tune. The singer proposes matrimony with the hook I will go down on my knees, down on my knees and a catchy chorus follows with Oh, Queen Elizabeth, You’re the one that I wanna be with.

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