Song Premiere: Gina Cimmelli, “Clementine”

gina cimmelli
It doesn’t take much to make a truly great song: a simple melody, a clear, poignant singing voice and some light instrumentation, and you’re all set. Still not convinced? Listen to Gina Cimmelli’s “Clementine.”

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“Clementine,” the lead single from Cimmelli’s new EP Summer Singles, is honest, genuine, sentimental and everything a love song should be. “Clementine” captures a snapshot of Cimmelli’s life, or more specifically, her experience in a long-distance relationship.

“‘Clementine’ is my version of a postcard from the road,” Cimmelli says. “I started writing it while my boyfriend was away on cross-country tour. He would send me videos, pictures and postcards of his own. I was able to collect all these tiny pieces of him until he was back.”

Despite being written about such a frustrating position, the lyrics of “Clementine” brim with optimism. The song’s raw, yet understated emotion gives it a sense of intimacy, as if Cimmelli is right there next to you, guitar in hand.

“Originally I was supposed to be in New York when this was recorded, while the band had been gathering in LA,” Cimmelli says. “I was caught up with work, and they were just going to send me their edits and I would track vocals separately, but it didn’t feel right. The song was too close to me and I wanted to be a part of every moment. So I bought a ticket to Cali, and it ended up being the only song we did as a live take. All together, in one room. It was magic. We were able to capture this moment where everything just sort of clicked. We breathed together, and looked at each other, and it was right.”

Summer Singles will be released this August. Until then, check out “Clementine” below.

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