Holiday Discovery: Brittany Kennell, “Noel”

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ARTIST: Brittany Kennell

SONG: “Noel”

FAVORITE HOLIDAY MEMORY: I’ll always remember waking up this one Christmas morning and seeing huge white foot prints from the chimney to the tree. My Dad and Mom used flour and a big old boot to make it seem like Santa had tracked snow through the house, that he really was real. Me and my siblings loved and believed every bit of it.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG: “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole.

BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT I’VE EVER RECEIVED: Anything my brother gets me and our two sisters. For the only boy, he is always so thoughtful of our gifts. It’s my favorite present to open every year.

I WROTE THIS SONG: because I wanted to bring warmth and joy to the days leading up to Christmas. There are so many wonderful traditions that are spent and I love how you can feel the wind change; the air feels different, the spirit around us feels different. I love that energy and wanted to capture it into a song. I wanted something people can cozy up to by a fire. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays!

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