Honorable Mention | “Beer View Mirror”

Honorable Mention
“Beer View Mirror”
Mark Stepakoff
Boston, Massachusetts

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How many did I have last night; guess I lost count
But something tells me that it was an ungodly amount
I wish my memory of what transpired was a little clearer
But everything seems blurry when you’re looking through the beer view mirror

Maybe it was Heineken, maybe it was Miller or Bud
All I know is that it feels like my brain cells are caked in mud
I always order by the pitcher when closing time starts drawing nearer
And now it ain’t a pretty picture looking through the beer view mirror

Well I’m trying to get my bearings, so I take it nice and cautious
Yeah but when I look behind me I just end up feeling nauseous
Cause I know that on my tail I got a heap of troubles there
And I got a feeling that they’re closer than they might appear

Once I had a wife and kids but I don’t know where they are today
Guess I was at the bar I when they just packed up and moved away
They were very dear to me, but there was something I held even dearer
Now I can’t see them at all as I’m looking through the beer view mirror

I keep my eyes on the road, but the road is always littered
With the wreckage of regrets and decisions ill-considered
So I stay between the lines and I try to take it slow
But whatever’s lying behind me I don’t think I want to know

Got my hands on the wheel but I guess my mind is somewhere else
I glance up at my reflection and I hardly recognize myself
When it comes to bad news, nobody wants to be the bearer
But now it’s staring me in the face as I’m looking through the beer view mirror

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