How Bose Keeps American Songwriter Connected with Quality Sound

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In a post-pandemic world that brought on a new capacity for remote work, everyone is scattered to the wind, and we here at American Songwriter are no exception. In many ways having our team members stationed across the country only bolsters our namesake, but it also presents a new challenge of how to stay connected – those “Behind the Songs” aren’t going to write themselves, people!

A Need For National Collaboration and Connectivity

Enter the Bose Videobar VB1 from Bose Professional. In utilizing the Videobar, we’re able to connect with our team across the country with a clear, crisp sound that almost makes us forget we’re miles away from one another. You walk into the meeting room, take a seat and immediately connect with your team without having to fuss with tech for 10 minutes. 

The all-in-one USB conferencing device brings together premium audio and video with six automatic beam-steering microphones, a 4K ultra-HD camera, and that signature Bose sound. With the Bose VB1 we’re able to maintain our want for a closely-knit workflow across any distance.

In addition to our internal meetings, the Bose VB1 allows our team to connect with clients with the same ease, superb video quality, and assurance that there will be no technological failure. With the Bose VB1 installed in our conference room, any roadblocks in our meetings are old news and we’re able to head into our future with enhanced connectivity. Our teammates honky-tonkin’ down in Nashville, our city slickers in New York and our breezy West coasters can all be collaborative with the click of a button. 

Enhancing Our In-House Performances

While the Bose VB1 is making our lives easier internally, our in-house performances have also been given a new edge with the help of the L1 Pro32 and Sub1 subwoofer. With the supreme clarity and output of a 32-driver articulated line array, the L1 Pro32 offers 180-degree horizontal coverage and the most focused vertical covered pattern in an L1 ever – in other words, you get both a heavy sound without compromising any of that sonic detail. 

Whether it’s Brian Kelley, Ian Flanigan, Maggie Rose, or David Unlayao, each artist that has graced the American Songwriter stage has been impressed with the big sound that comes out of such a portable, unassuming speaker. With an easy-to-use interface and great sound quality, you couldn’t ask for much more out of a speaker. 

Even if we don’t have a star-studded billing slated for the night, streaming music has never sounded better than on the L1 Pro32 and Sub1 subwoofer. Despite the effects of the pandemic still lingering around the world, we are returning to normalcy, which means happy hours, holiday parties and celebrations are all coming back around—all of which need a bumping playlist, of course. With the L1 Pro32 and Sub1, we can set that party atmosphere with little effort and a huge payoff. 

Tech can be a fickle friend and you never realize how refreshing something reliable is until you’re without it. Both the Bose Videobar VB1 and the L1 Pro31 and Sub1 are just that—reliable. Whether it’s facilitating internal meetings or showing off in front of a crowd, both Bose products are an ace in the hole for American Songwriter. 

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