Jelly Roll Officially Has a Food Truck That Serves Donuts and Hot Wings

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Singer Jelly Roll has revealed that he has a food truck called “Rollin’ w/Jelly,” and it has an official Instagram page. The three-time CMT Music Awards winner announced that he had launched a food truck during a November 2022 episode of Rob + Holly.

In the clip that has been posted to TikTok and onto the official “Rollin’ w/Jelly” Instagram page, Jelly Roll told Holly Hutton that customers can purchase “everything from hot wings to jelly doughnuts” from his food truck. On the official Instagram page, it’s teased that “Jelly Nade,” which seems to be a twist on Kool-Aid, will soon be sold in stores.

The singer added, “It’s the wildest thing ever. You see it comin’. They do everything from hot wings to ‘Jelly Roll’ jelly doughnuts. They do ‘Jelly-ade,’ which is some really good lemonade. It’s that diabetic lemonade too. It’s that from-my-neighborhood lemonade and Kool-Aid, it’s the WHEW! It’s really good stuff.”

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During the interview, Jelly Roll revealed the story of how he opened up the truck, saying, “[The food truck is] here in Nashville and it’s actually the coolest story ever and I never got to tell it. One of my best friends from my neighborhood that grew up with me, that’s been in and out of jail—we’ve been through it all together—Jerry G… He said, ‘What if I start a food truck?! And I was like, ‘I would love it!’”

Jelly Roll continued, “Of course we did it, and every other place in the world is like, ‘You got a felony? You can’t work here!’ And we’re like, ‘We’re only hiring felons!’ You know? They run the food truck and it comes out on tour with us some nights and it sets up in our old neighborhood and it’s just a really cool spot…I say we, but Jerry does all of it, I’m so proud of them. Jerry, if you knew him five years ago — I would’ve thought he died in prison. The fact that he’s figured out somehow how to manage an entire crew and food truck… he’s crushin’ it!”

Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for CMT

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