Jelly Roll Reveals His List of Backstage Must-Haves and the “Most Frivolous Thing” He’s Taking on Tour

Every artist of a certain stature has a backstage “rider” or list of items they want in their dressing room worked into their touring contracts. Some famously go overboard and ask for outlandish things. Jelly Roll, however, chooses to keep things simple. He only has a couple of must-haves for his shows.

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Recently, Jelly Roll sat down with Taste of Country Nights to talk about his forthcoming album, his family, and more. During the conversation, he broke down his backstage rider. It is an unsurprisingly humble list of items from the artist who only recently found his first taste of stardom.

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Jelly Roll Reveals What’s on His Rider

“Socks. Always new socks. [That’s a] big deal in my life,” he revealed. “Waters. These waters,” he said while holding up a bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water. “My wife has turned me on to rich people water,” he joked. “I feel so guilty drinking it. I don’t know if it’s different or not but everybody says it is and I’m a believer now,” he added. “So, we get these rich people glass waters.”

Then, he revealed something that he’s taking with him. “I’ll tell you the most frivolous thing I’m taking on tour if that’s what you’re looking for here,” he said. “I’m taking a sauna and cold plunge.”

Jelly Roll revealed that the sauna is a small “two-seater” but it’s enough for him. “I’m just too anchored into that not to take it.”

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Jelly Roll isn’t the only artist who keeps a relatively humble tour rider. His duet partner and friend Lainey Wilson isn’t a demanding artist either. “I normally ask for a kettle, in case there ain’t microwave where I’m at,” she revealed. Lemon Halls cough drops, throat coat tea, whiskey, and water are also on her list.

Beyond being a duet dream team, both artists are new to stardom and continue to stay humble in the faces of their rapidly growing careers. Neither have let their newfound acclaim go to their heads.

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