Jim Brickman’s Soothing Career Advice on ‘All Heart with Paul Cardall’

On this episode of All Heart with Paul Cardall, Paul speaks with Jim Brickman, the Grammy-nominated contemporary pianist and songwriter. They talk about the evolving nature of the music industry, how to gain momentum as an independent artist and the importance of dedication in a career. Discussing the past and present, the pair break down the power of streaming, sales and promotion. These tools help the duo explore how the life of a working, independent musician has changed over the years. Brickman also shares insights from his decades of experience as a live performer, as well as what it takes to make a name for yourself and connect with others in the digital age.

Jim Brickman’s distinctive piano style and captivating live performances have revolutionized the popularity of instrumental music. This makes him a driving force behind modern American music. He is also the best-selling solo pianist of our time earning 21 Number One albums and 32 Top 20 Radio Singles in the Billboard Magazine. Brickman garnered two Grammy nominations, gospel music’s Dove Award, two SESAC Songwriter of the Year Awards and the Canadian Country Music Award. He also has a music scholarship named for him by his alma mater, the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music.

Brickman is one of pop-music’s most fascinating success stories. He jumped from a career as a jingle writer of famous tunes for advertising to reviving the romantic standard of the popular song. His first album release was 1995’s “No Words,” and he’s gone on to sell eight million albums worldwide.

His star-studded vocal collaborations have crossed genres to feature luminaries like, Martina McBride, Carly Simon, Lady Antebellum, Michael W. Smith, Herb Alpert, Michael Bolton, Donny Osmond, Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton-John, Johnny Mathis, Kenny Loggins, Jane Krakowski and a host of country, R&B, Broadway, pop and jazz musicians.

“Hope,” “Faith” and “Peace” are truly at the heart of Jim Brickman’s passionate songwriting. “I write music to be shared — to soothe, to inspire, to celebrate, to love. To me, music is the pure and simple soundtrack to life’s most memorable moments.” As a true artist that lives and breathes the music he creates, Jim Brickman is thrilled to introduce fans to his most recent songs and perform them live in concert halls across the world.

Listen to Brickman’s Timeless album below and tune in each week to All Heart with Paul Cardall. Cardall is an award-winning pianist, entrepreneur and heart transplant recipient born with only half a heart. He delivers encouraging, educational and often inspirational conversations with unique people who believe in making the impossible, possible.

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