Jordan Slone of Hounds Shares Experience After Reality TV and How The Band Is Looking Beyond A Genre

Hounds frontman Jordan Slone and winners of ‘Who Will Rock You?’ sit with Brandon Harrington on Surviving the Music Industry podcast to share the Hounds’ experiences before, during, and after the show. They also talk about hallucinating experiences, balancing ego with relationships, and how ‘Cattle In The Sky’ is part of an evolution of a genre, but not the end.

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St. Louis band Hounds is composed of brothers Jordan and Logan Slone along with Jack McCoy and Logan Mohler. Before winning Top Golf’s, Who Will Rock You?, taking home the grand prize of $50,000 and a recording contract with BMG, Jordan Slone talks about where the band was at the time and not knowing that they even entered the competition. In conversation, Jordan Slone takes SMI further through the history, dynamics, and changes of the band.

As family bonds and childhood friendships have always been at risk in the stereotypes of bands throughout musical history, Slone shares that there has to be a balance of ego on and off the stage—especially with delicate relationships. How do the working and familial relationships work so that Hounds doesn’t become a rock band stereotype that eventually ends with shattered egos and disgruntled bandmates? Slone confesses that he’s competitive, but assures that it’s always about the music. Music being the focus, a listener might be quick to judge the genre of the band’s sound. A major point in the conversation is that Slone’s hope of Hounds’ sound will be pushing the modern boundaries of the rock genre, but with so many influences from their history. They don’t tend to make the idea of rock part of their musical identity.

All this and more is shared in this week’s episode of Surviving the Music Industry with Brandon Harrington plus a look at some of the songs of Hounds’ debut album, Cattle In The Sky. Listen to the record now on all streaming platforms and visit for tour dates and up to the moment news. For SMI follow and subscribe in your favorite podcast app here and visit for everything you might want to know.

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