Koe Wetzel Doesn’t Know if it’s “Sundy or Mundy” on New Single

Sitting in the studio one day, Koe Wetzel literally forgot what day it was. Was it Sunday? Was it Monday? This momentary lapse in memory—and near delirium—brought on from the recent COVID-19 quarantine inspired him to tell his grunge-y-country tale of “Sundy or Mundy.”

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“I was in the studio quarantined and forgot what day it was,” says Wetzel.” I couldn’t remember if it was Sunday or Monday. This song will always remind me of June 2020.”

A follow up to the 27-year-old Texas artist’s 2020 anthemic single “Kuntry & Wistern,” the cloudy overcast of “Sundy or Mundy” is grittier but plays out more cool and calm. “You get delirious and numb to the whole situation,” he says. “It’s got a gritty and heavy sound, but the choruses go down smooth and steady.”

The video, directed by Drew Seals, goes somewhere even darker, depicting Wetzel getting rid of a body in the middle of a lake on a hot summer day. “My uncle told me a story about a chicken farmer whose wife cheated on him, so he killed her lover and asked my uncle to take care of the body,” says Wetzel of the video’s more sinister subject matter. “My uncle passed away a couple years back, so I felt like I could reenact the story the way he described it.”

More humble in his beginnings, Wetzel’s following has picked up since his secret, independent 2015 release, which ended up selling more than 200,000 units. Starting out in bars with chicken wire fenced stages, Wetzel moved on to hosting his own Koe Wetzel’s Incredible Music Festival with thousands of fans.

Following Wetzel’s 2017 debut Noise Complaint and Harold Saul High in 2019, ”Sundy or Mundy,” is Wetzel’s first track since signing to Columbia Records.

When asked what Wetzel’s next move it, it’s really quite simple: “Make my momma proud.”

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