Lainey Wilson Reveals the Bon Jovi Hand-Written Letter That She Calls “One of the Coolest Moments I’ve Had”

Lainey Wilson is making important connections in the music world left and right lately. She recently shared details of a letter that Jon Bon Jovi sent her, describing it as “one of the coolest moments I’ve had.” Bon Jovi himself also spoke about his admiration of both Wilson and Jelly Roll during a conversation with Interview magazine.

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Speaking with Jelly Roll for the interview, Bon Jovi mentioned Lainey Wilson as “the greatest thing ever,” to which Jelly Roll agreed. “Ever. Voice, work ethic, human, checks every box,” he replied.

“Not only was she awesome at MusiCares, but then I saw her perform at Clive [Davis]’s thing, where she came out with you and did ‘Save Me,'” Bon Jovi continued. “Both of you played for a different audience that fell in love with you that weekend and went, ‘Holy f–k, look at this talent.'”

Jelly Roll replied in praise of his labelmate and friend. “We felt so honored, because we represented country music and Nashville that week,” he said. “I looked at her and was like, ‘I’m so proud of the way we’re carrying ourselves out here. This might be the biggest ripple a couple of Nashville artists have made at Grammy Week in a long time.'”

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Lainey Wilson Expressed Gratitude at Receiving a Letter From Jon Bon Jovi

Later, speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Lainey Wilson expressed her gratitude at Jelly Roll and Bon Jovi’s praise. “That’s pretty cool!” she said. “And he did write me a little letter! And he put his phone number on there. I was like, ‘Now this might be one of the coolest moments I’ve had.'”

She also shared that she and Bon Jovi have talked over text. “My goodness, I mean he has lifted me up and encouraged me, and that’s one that you write home about, for sure,” she said.

Wilson has also shared advice she’s received from other big names in the industry, such as Keith Urban who she collaborated with on his song “GO HOME W U.” She explained, per a report from Music News, “It was this one day, I was so tired, I had just come off the road or something, and I ran into [Keith Urban] on music row, and he said, ‘Remember Lainey, no whining on the yacht.'”

She continued, “I was like, ‘I like that!’ It’s true, you know? Like, at the end of the day, we can be tired and run in the mud, but we get to get up and do what we love to do every single day.”

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