“Lose Yourself” Spoof on ‘Late Show’ Has Eminem Responding to Rudy Giuliani Criticism

After Rudy Guiliani spoke out about Eminem taking a knee at the Super Bowl during his halftime performance, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert created a response, well…fit for late night.

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Colbert and company created a parody of Eminem’s biggest hit, “Lose Yourself,” (the song he performed at the Super Bowl) with new lyrics over the Detroit rapper’s video, to form a response to the former mayor.

It all started at Super Bowl LVI when Eminem joined rappers Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamarr, and Mary J. Blige to perform during the halftime show. At the end of his performance, the 49-year-old rapper took a knee—a move that shows solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial discrimination.

That didn’t sit well with Giuliani, who took to his radio show to address the situation.

“Let’s get right to Eminem taking a knee. Why doesn’t he go to another country? I mean, go take a knee someplace else,” Giuliani said during his show on Talk Radio 77 WABC. “You know how many cops were defending him and protecting him at that game yesterday? I mean crime is way out of control in Los Angeles. He thinks that all happened because everybody loves Eminem? The simple reality is the NFL has made a mockery of law enforcement, particularly with its support for the cop-killing Black Lives Matter.”

Although the rapper has yet to comment, Colbert and The Late Show team took it upon themselves during The Late Show’s Fake News Alert on Thursday night’s show (Feb. 17) to imagine what a response from Eminem would look like.

“And Now, A Rebuttal From Eminem:

Look, his skull’s not hairy/Teeth fake, thrice-ly married, the words read with an overdub. The leakage on his cheekage is scary/Probably sherry/He’s drunk, but on the surface he looks, well, drunk/He’s not hiding it, hope he doesn’t whip out his junk/Like that one scene/So obscene, he reached for peen / to show a teen / til papa Borat intervened.

You can go screw yourself / You’re a doofus, you know it, the song concludes. You bonehead, less ethical Nosferatu/Told me he’s had one shot/It smells more like 22/His cerebellum’s gone into rapid decline/ Douchenozzle!

Check out the video below.

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