Louie Louie! Packs a Positive Pop Punch on “All Fall Down”

Formerly the star from HOLYCHILD, Louie Diller returns triumphantly as Louie Louie!, releasing the anthemic pop goldmine, “All Fall Down”. 

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Flipping the script on the “unprecedented times” that fill every void of media today, Diller takes on a whole new perspective: carpe diem. 

“In 2016 I went from making half a million dollars to food stamps after a whole lot of financial mismanagement, classic music biz shit show and some,” he explains. “That same year I also had my heart broken by a girl who I thought I was going to marry and found myself living next door to the Mexican mafia in east LA, who were hustling me every other day. That same year my dad came down with cancer and though he thankfully beat that shit, for most of 2016 it wasn’t clear if he’d survive. And then Trump got elected. Out of all this, Louie Louie! was born.”

Though tough times are inevitable, Diller channels his pain productively, creating a song all of us can relate to immensely in these times. 

In the rowdy and infectious chorus, Diller sings “when we all fall down, will we turn it into something?” with enough raucous charisma that it’s as if he’s leading an entire movement. While a simple question, it’s one that has played on all of our minds at one time or another this year. 

“The chorus of this song is as much a question to myself as everyone else asking…It was inspired by heartbreak in a decaying society,” he shares. 

On the surface, Diller cleverly infuses classic pop tropes, like the irrefutably joyful “na na na,” but on a deeper level he shares the concerns we’re all having. When the dust settles, will there be something good to show for it? 

Diller explains that his “live while we’re young” attitude came about after being invited to a party days after the 2016 election. 

“I remember being with an ex at the time who wanted to go to some party a couple days after the election and I was like, ‘Um, how can you go party right now when the world is about to blow up?’ Then I thought to myself, well at least we’ll all grow a lot from that if it happens so I might as well try to enjoy the life I got here now while I still got it.” 

Considering all of the doomsday propaganda out there, Diller serves up the perfect antidote at the perfect time.

His final thoughts on the track remain the same as they were when he first put it together years ago. 

“We’re all going to grow a lot from the collective pain we’re in and I just hope we all live to see the day humanity bounces back from this mess, since I think that’ll be a rather beautiful moment.”

Check out “All Fall Down” below.

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