Inspired by Racial Unrest, Mel Washington and Wyatt Durrette Debut “Love Wins.”

Inspired by the racial turmoil that has recently rocked the United States, musicians Mel Washington and Wyatt Durrette have decided to take the matter into their own hands the best way that they know how. Their new song “Love Wins” draws a line in the sand against hatred and bigotry, and the message couldn’t have been delivered in a timelier or more moving fashion.

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Durrette, known for writing No. 1 hits with country artists like Luke Combs and Zac Brown Band, and Washington, an accomplished singer-songwriter in his own right, collaborated on the song as writers and performers. “Love Wins.” takes a realistic but ultimately hopeful stand in the face of racial conflict. “Fear don’t stand a chance against ‘I love you’,” Washington sings at one point over the acoustic backing. In the chorus, the urgency is unmistakable as the pair rise up in harmony: “This ends right now/Love wins.”

In an e-mail exchange with American Songwriter, Washington explained the song’s origins: “The song was really birthed out of a conversation. We wanted to talk about what we’re all feeling without making it political, without yelling at one another, but really helping each other understand our experiences and our perspectives a little better. At the end of the day, our goal is to spread the positive message that with all of the emotions that we feel, the thing that’s going to get us through this is love. We hope to communicate clearly and with passion that love wins.”

Durrette, for his part, draws parallels between home and country: “I believe right now we are all tired, scared, hurt, confused, mad and so ready for things to change. I also believe with all of my heart that if we all could try to lead with love, we can get to, and get through the conversations we need to have to invoke real, thoughtful, lasting change. LOVE WINS.”

Check out the video for “Love Wins.,” and let the message that Durrette and Washington are hoping to spread sink in and do its work.

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