Mackie’s New “Ins & Outs” Podcast Spotlights Artists And Wants You To Be Part Of It

Mackie’s new “Ins & Outs” podcast spotlights musicians and creators discussing music, live performances, songwriting and more. The premiere episode features Matt Farris, an independent Arizona singer/songwriter who recently released his latest album, “Keepin’ It Real.” During the half-hour chat, the country singer chatted with Mackie about working in Nashville, making connections with the duo Trailer Choir, building a following and his recent venture into “corona caroling.” He also performs a few of his tunes and discusses his live setup, including the new SRM-FLEX, DRM powered loudspeakers, and more.

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Matt Farris

Episode 2 features DJ and legendary Mackoid Ronnal Ives, delivering advice, anecdotes, and his unique brand of humor. Ronnal also digs into some earlier Mackie videos, delving into his long history with Mackie products. Episode 3 features Mike Herrera of MxPx and Goldfinger discussing songwriting during quarantine. Upcoming episodes will include hip hop producer Trizzy Track and guitarist Matt Heafy from metal legends Trivium.

“We had already been discussing ways to become closer with artists, but the current situation is definitely responsible to some degree of the way this came about,” Mackie Digital Marketing Manager Robert Puzzitiello said. “It was clear artists were going to keep creating from home, and we wanted to help people get that message out.”

Mackie is on the lookout for future guests. Keeping your social profile high and active is a key factor in how they choose artists. “People had been tagging us on Instagram, participating and engaging,” Puzzitello noted. “But we also just began seeing artists in our feed who had taken to this new opportunity, so we didn’t have to look far.”

Mackie is also looking for a theme song for “Ins & Outs” and wants to hear from you. From June 1 through June 30, viewers are encouraged to submit a short jingle (maximum 60 seconds) for use as an intro and outro to the podcast. For more information on where to send your entries, visit this link.

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