Maddi Jane Rocks ‘The Voice’ With Powerful Cover of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”

Ready to rock it, Maddi Jane took to The Voice stage to perform her first live performance with “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish.

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Prior to the performance, the Team Chance teammate stated, “I think Billie Eilish made this song about a romantic relationship. But I’m singing it about things I’ve been through in the entertainment industry.”

Jane also reflected on the covers she sang when she was younger, noting the millions of views were the definition of “success” for her. “But I realize that how I’m doing as a person comes first.” 

Maddi Jane then added that now she’s on The Voice, she’s comfortable with who she is. “This has been an amazing experience and I definitely feel happier than ever.” 

Claerly practice makes perfect for Chance’s “ The Perfectionist,” since Maddi Jane’s performance impressed all the coaches. 

Immediately after the performance, John Legend praised Jane for her rendition of the song. “You’re such a star, Maddi,” The Voice coach declared. “You have since since the beginning. What I like is, we get a lot of people covering Billie and a lot of times the temptation is to sound like her. And I really like how you made the vocals for your performance. It sounded like you and not you trying to sound like her. It was really well done.”

Maddi Jane’s coach, Chance the Rapper was thrilled by the performance. “I’m just so proud,” he gushed. “So blown away, man. You’ve just been incredible the whole competition. It’s like everytime you perform, you show off another talent and you’ve always had the stage presence. But what I really enjoy is just how much movement you were doing. And keeping in pitch and keeping the song with you. Just guiding it. It was probably my favorite performance you’ve done so far.”  

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