Maddie & Tae Reverse Gender Roles In New “Girl In A Country Song” Video

The catchy new track “Girl In A Country Song” from teenage songwriting duo Maddie & Tae has been making waves  for calling out the men of country music by using their own lyrics against them.

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In their new video, the pair illustrate the ridiculousness of popular “bro-country” songs and music videos by turning the tables on their male counterparts. The clip starts with a group of guys ogling some bikini-clad models, until Maddie & Tae hit the “Role Reversal” button and the boys end up parading around in crop tops and denim cutoffs, posing seductively and washing cars in slow motion.

The video includes a checklist of the stereotypical ways women are objectified in country songs, with phrases like “money maker” and “painted on cut-off jeans.” The lyrics, co-written by Maddie & Tae with Aaron Scherz, argue that real women can’t live up to these standards and, more importunately, don’t want to.

“I hear you over there on your tailgate whistlin’, sayin’, “Hey girl”/But you know I ain’t listenin’/Cause I got a name and to you it ain’t “pretty little thing”, “honey” or “baby”/ Yeah it’s drivin’ me red-red-red-red-red-red-red neck crazy,” they sing,referencing Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and every bro-country superstar in between.

The song has sparked a backlash against the “bro-country” moment. Even notable offenders Florida-Georgia Line just released their newest single “Dirt”, with not a mention of the “sugar shaker” or “long tan legs” in their previous hits. 

Maddie & Tae recently signed with Dot Records, part of Big Machine, and are currently on a radio promo tour to promote “Girl In A Country Song.”


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