MANDY MOORE: From Pop to Art

Having realized the project she wanted-an absolute picture of her life, organically recorded with people who felt the songs’ emotional current-she’s ready to start swimming in songs again.

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Smiling with an innocence that basks in the moment, you can’t help but get the feeling that she’s more aware than she lets on. Mandy Moore can’t help herself.

“Clarity. I think I got another kind of clarity from this…maybe even the next level, so I can’t wait to see where else the writing takes me…shows me.”

Leaning across the table again, she continues, “There’ve been some crazy things happening, and I’ve been putting it all down….”

She pauses, then states the obvious with confidential gusto. “…You know, for when I can do this all again.”

No doubt, she will-and probably sooner than even she knows.

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