Billy Corgan And Jessica Simpson: The Next Sonny And Cher?

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If internet scuttlebut is to be believed, pop idol Jessica Simpson and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan are an item. According to, a source reports that Simpson, 29, and Corgan, 42, are “getting to know each other.” You know…biblically. Also, Corgan is reportedly “a nice guy.”

“My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure and enlightened outlook on faith,” Simpson tweeted on September 11 (Corgan expressed his spiritual side with his 2003 Pumpkins side project, Zwan).

E! News takes it one step further: “They are officialy dating.”

Knowing that Corgan wrote much of Hole’s Celebrity Skin with Courtney Love, one can’t help but wonder what a Simpson/Corgan collaboration would sound like. Could Corgan pull off a country song, good enough for Simpson to record? Could we see Jessica pen a dark, goth-rock kiss off to Tony Romo? Might they team up for a duet of “Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” or “I Wanna Love You Forever”?

All this would be great, but then it occurred to us: a supergroup featuring Corgan, Simpson, and recently married couple Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore would be all kinds of awesome. In a high culture meets low culture kind of way.

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