Mills Reveals the Writing Process Behind New Single, ‘Hollow,’ was Therapeutic

From growing up in southern Kentucky to living in Los Angeles, California, singer/songwriter, Mills, has continued to find inspiration everywhere he goes. 

Because Mills grew up surrounded by the county music scene, he understands the importance of finding a song’s narrative. He used his storytelling skills to write his latest single, “Hollow,” which tells the tale of young love. 

The song was created during a writing session on a back porch. That day, Mills tells American Songwriter, he went into the session thinking about where he was in life and knowing he needed to make a change. These emotions led to the making of a new song. 

“I was in a place that I really didn’t want to be in, with another person,” Mills says. “We were both in it for the wrong reasons and we knew it, but we just didn’t want to say it.”

The session was not only used as a time to write a song, but it also ended up being a form of therapy, as he talked out loud about his emotions. The song’s lyrics express the common ups and downs of being in a relationship, that so many can understand.

“I feel like we made a song that has a clear message, and that hopefully, a lot of people can relate to,” adds Mills. “When I’m writing by myself, I think back to when I’m feeling a certain way, that I know other humans feel as well. I try to put that human emotion into words.”

“Hollow” is the first single to be released off of Mills’ upcoming EP, Train of Thoughts, which will be released this spring. Several of the songs off the EP were written with Mills’ older brother, who has had quite an influence on his career.

“He inspires me so much and he’s one of the main reasons I got involved in music in the first place,” Mills says.

Mills’ family provides a place of comfort and relief when life gets too crazy. When he felt like the creativity was slipping through his fingers during this frustrating time, Mills headed home for a visit. He spent time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors in search of a little inspiration and the chance to write some music in a different setting.

“We were just going on hikes, spending time outside by the lake and that kind of re-set me,” says Mills.

“Hollow” is being released with a music video that was shot in California. During the filming process, Mills felt like he was “completing a triathlon without the swimming.” In this situation, the swimming portion was replaced by climbing a tree. The footage will make you feel like you are truly in Mills’ head, experiencing all his emotions with him. 

“It was a one take, kind of situation,” Mills recalls. “It was really fun to shoot.”

“Hollow” will give you a great look into what the rest of this EP will sound like.

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Photo by Stefan Kohli

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