Music Business Roundup: YouTube Previews Data Tool, New Producers and Engineers Bill, & More


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Each week on Songwriter U, Songspace recaps the top stories in the world of music business. Here’s everything you need to know from the week ending on March 20th.

YouTube Previews Data Tool
YouTube set up an impressive installation at their SXSW space this week, showcasing their new “YouTube For Artists” platform aimed at helping artists, managers, and others involved understand YouTube’s data. The tool allows you to see city level streaming numbers for all artists. Ed Sheeran was one of the artists featured that visitors could look at as an example.
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New Bill Favoring Producers & Engineers Introduced
Following the re-introduction of the Songwriter Equity Act, two representatives in the House have put forth the Allocation for Music Producers Act. The act is aimed at getting fairer compensation for producers, engineers, and mixers. This also comes after the 1995 “Letter of Direction” bill that gave artists permission to give a percentage of their 45% digital royalties to producers.
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SoundExchange Reaches Agreements With Non-Commercial Radio
SoundExchange has reached a five year agreement with NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting regarding royalty rates paid out to artists who have music played on their broadcasts. Both sides seem happy with the agreement, recognizing the unique situation of non-commercial radio broadcasting and digital rights for artists.
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Universal Fights In-Flight Music
In the seemingly complicated world of in-flight music, more drama has been stirred up as Universal has been counter sued by InFlight – the service that made the music available to passengers on flights. InFlight claims Universal was fine with them using their music until they saw that Sony sued them, so they followed with a similar lawsuit.
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Pandora & BMI
The long, five week trial between Pandora and BMI came to a close late last week. The trial will set an industry wide precedent with its ruling – the choice of whether to side with Pandora and have them pay PROs between 1.7 and 1.85% or BMI and a rate of 2.5% will have large effects across the music world.
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