Trevor Hall Speaks of Love and Loss on “My Own”

What were you doing at the age of 16? Probably focused on getting your driver’s license or dealing with the usual high school drama. For Trevor Hall, at 16 years old he was recording his first album in his home state, South Carolina. Now Trevor is releasing a new song entitled “My Own” that he is finally ready to share with his listeners.

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“The song ‘My Own’ is a song that was written a few years back. It is one of the songs that I kept to myself for a while before releasing it out into the cosmos,” Hall said. “It was written about the power of longing and that to long for the Beloved and to make that one your very own, whomever or whatever that one may be, is so special and so intimate.

“Even though we may be upset at the pain of separation … that pain of separation is actually a blessing to fuel one’s desire to be united with one’s true love.”

Even though it was written a while ago, this song still holds great prevalence in the present time. Many people cannot be with their loved ones right now and no one is quite sure when we can be reunited with them. While the separation is hard, it can make us think about how special those relationships are and how great it will be to see each other after all this time apart.

“My Own” has a calming melody that allows you to listen and reflect on the meaning of it and how it relates to your life. Maybe you have just had to let go of that person who you thought would be with you until the end and you don’t know how to express your feelings. This song can do that for you.

In his past, this folk artist took the time to learn about the power of yoga and meditation and he implements these practices into his music. Because of this, he tries to use his songs to spread love and healing.

In addition to being a singer and a songwriter, Trevor has also gone on several pilgrimages to India. These trips have inspired him to donate to support children’s education in India as well as other various charities and relief funds. He chooses to use his musical passion to help others.

When you listen to this song, take the time to really hear the words. Allow the lyrics to speak to you and help you go forward in the journey of life on your own.

Listen to “My Own” now on SoundCloud.

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