New Song Friday! Check Out New Music from Cat Power, beabadoobee, Shinedown, Death Cab, RHCP, Phoebe Bridgers and More!

Hello and welcome to our running series in which we share with you our favorite new songs and music videos from the past week.

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In this installment, we have new songs from Cat Power, beabadoobee, Shinedown, Death Cab for Cutie, Phoebe Bridgers, Andrew Bird, and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the new music.

1. Adrian Quesada

One-half of the Austin, Texas-born band Black Pumas, Adrian Quesada, released his newest single earlier this week ahead of his new LP out today (June 3). The song, “El Muchacho De Los Ojos Tristes,” which is a cover of the Spanish artist Jeanette, features the skillful guitar player at his most slinky on his wah-wah pedal. It also features the lovely singer Tita and her honey voice.

2. Cat Power

The artist who is seemingly a genre all to herself released a cover of the Rolling Stones song, “You Got The Silver,” earlier this week. Check out the acoustic-driven song from the raspy, bendy-voiced musician below.

3. beabadoobee

The bedroom pop artist turned global phenomenon, released her latest song and accompanying music video for the track, “Lovesong.” The track is heartfelt, delicate, and deliberate. It’s a window into her life as much as it is one into her tender mind.

4. Andrew Bird

The baroque, whistling, violin player Andrew Bird released his latest single earlier this week. The song, “Make A Picture,” will appear on Bird’s new album (out today, June 3). The strange-yet-delightful video features Bird performing surgery on himself. Everything is a metaphor when it comes to Bird.

5. Death Cab for Cutie

The band’s latest single and accompanying music video had been slated to drop last week but in the wake of the horrific violence in Uvalde, Texas, the group waited. Now, their new work is out. “Roman Candles” will also appear on the band’s forthcoming new LP, slated for release this fall. Check out the powerful new song about letting go.

6. Phoebe Bridgers

The beloved rocker released her latest music video for the song, “Sidelines,” earlier this week. The song is pensive, curious, and unafraid. The video is delicate. And the whole work shows how Bridgers can do so much with just a precarious mood.

7. Shinedown

The epic rockers released their latest music video for the single, “Daylight,” earlier this week. The song, like their latest album, is about questioning the present and trying to forge a better future. Questions and dialogue are key. This song is one part of that. Check it out below.

8. She & Him

Camaraderie, friendship, collaboration. These are the keys to the rock band made up of M. Ward and Zoey Deschanel. The two are releasing a new album of covers by The Beach Boys and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” is the latest in that effort. Check out their rendition of the seminal track below.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Southern California rockers officially shared the new single, “Nerve Flip,” with American audiences today (June 3) after the song had previously only appeared on the Japanese release of their latest LP, Unlimited Love. Check out the new roller-coaster-like rock song below.

10. The Womack Sisters

Granddaughters of the legendary singer Sam Cooke, The Womack Sisters bring more power than a fission plant. Their newest single, “Lost For Words,” sounds like part Destiny’s Child and part ’60s style singing group. Keep an eye and an ear out for this band, they’re on the rise truly.

11. of Montreal

The popular group released its latest single earlier this week, “Marijuana’s a Working Woman.” Check out the frenetic, herky-jerky, delightful song here below ahead of the band’s next LP release later in July. And their national upcoming tour kicks off on September 8.

12. Camila Cabello

The award-winning artist released a live performance video for her recent single, “Lola,” earlier this week with the artist Yotuel. Check out the fashionable Cabello in the new live video from Vevo below and just try not to dance around your living room.

13. Jack Harlow

Everyone’s favorite rising rapper, Jack Harlow, shut down Churchill Downs during the most recent Kentucky Derby. He tapped the legendary artist Drake for the song and accompanying music video. Check out the new pointed work below.

14. Sofía Valdés

American Songwriter believes in the power of Sofía Valdés. When we talked with her over a year ago, we thought she was poised to break out and become a household name. Her latest single and music video for the song “Parking Lots” is certainly a step in that direction. Check it out below and fall in love as we did.

15. Ciara

The recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model teased her next single this week, “J.U.M.P.,” which the artist sampled on social media with a video of her and some pals twerking on a Ford Bronco. That’s especially funny given her husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, is now a Denver Bronco after leaving the Seattle Seahawks. Check out Ciara in all her power and prowess below.

16. Bayli

This week the skilled artist released her new single, “Think of Drugs,” which is an open letter comparing the feeling of using to the rush of being in love, all while wrestling with the question whether the connection is real or a toxic crutch. Check out the new song below.

17 Ton3s

The singing group released a new song this week with the famed rapper Snoop Dogg. The new track, “Don’t Let Him,” is a blend of R&B power and skillful lyricism. Check out the new single from the tantalizing trio-plus-one Snoop below.

18. Tim Heidecker

The comedian-actor-musician released his latest single this week. The song, “Sirens of Titan,” features the indie favorite Kurt Vile and will appear on Heidecker’s forthcoming album later this summer. That LP is all about his childhood growing up in small a Pennsylvania town. Check out the sweet tune below.

19. Aiyana Lee

The alluring singer Aiyana Lee released her latest music video for her hit single “Rich Kids,” earlier this week. Check out her soaring voice and her poignant portrayal of independence below. The choreography alone is worth the click.

20. NCognita

The uber-talented rapper, signed to Issa Rae’s Raedio, released her latest single earlier this week. The song, “2x Freestyle,” is hot fire off the lips of the lyricist. It also features Tundra. Overall, it’s the type of song that makes you want to hop in your car and drive all day and night into the skyline with great speeds.

21. Reneé Rapp

One of the stars of HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, Reneé Rapp released her latest single earlier this week. The song, “Tattoos,” is beautiful, lilting. Try to enjoy it without being jealous that Rapp is skilled at two things: acting and singing. The new track swells.

22. Gucci Mane

The acclaimed rapper released a new single this morning, “Mrs. Davis,” which is a track that pays tribute and praise to his wife Keyshia Ka’Oir. Check out the heartfelt song that highlights family and anniversaries from one of the world’s most popular rappers below.

23. S.G. Goodman

Queer indie rocker S.G. Goodman released her newest album, Teeth Marks, today (June 3). And with it came the epic music video for the song, “If You Were Someone I Loved.” She sounds like Janis Joplin crossed with R.E.M. Check out the seven-minute opus, which touches on the lack of empathy when it comes to the opioid crisis, below.

Photo: Tina Benitez-Eves

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