Nick Jonas Takes Us To Church For “This is Heaven” Video

With a new album called Spaceman, it’s not surprising Nick Jonas is building a cosmic, other world with his latest music videos. The newest, for his song “This is Heaven,” jumps off from “Spaceman’s” ending but situates Jonas as a scriptwriter behind the scenes. The visual opens on the pop star hunched over a typewriter, seemingly trying to bring his vision to life on paper.

“This song means so much to me, to this album. I feel like it’s sort of the center point, and kind of the thing that propels us into the theme of commitment, and honestly [it’s] just one of my favorites,” Jonas shared on his Instagram. While falling in sequence with the concept of “Spaceman,” the song/video gives the storyline a very “different environment” and focuses in on “what happens when you are able to escape in whatever way is right for you. For some people that’s a good book, video games, a nice meal, dinner… whatever it is, but this is about that escapism feeling.”

In conversation with Apple Music, Jonas expanded on his love of the song. “[This song is] about my personal experience with faith and religion. I believe in a lot of things, and one of the things I believe is that love is a high, important power that connects us all,” he said. “When you’re in that state of euphoria and connection with your person, it should feel like heaven. I wanted to write a song that embodied that. Also, naturally, heaven would have sax solos.”

This is Heaven / And every time I touch you, it gets better, Jonas belts on the chorus. An equally-powerful choir swoops in behind him, giving the song a bit of an enlightened edge.

The video, directed by Daniel Broadley (Mark Hoppus, Don Broco), spans across Windsor, Southhampton, and Windsor. Once Jonas steps away from his script, the sequence cuts away, as well, flipping between footage of Jonas performing inside the beautiful St. John’s Church in Hyde Park, where he is joined by the London Community Gospel Choir. Anthony Williams leads the accompaniment, featuring David Angol on sax, Aaron Graham on drums, and Leiah Fournier on keys.

“This is Heaven” is the second single from Jonas’ just-released new album, Spaceman.

Watch the video below.

Photo by Anthony Mandler

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