O.A.R. Host Twitter-Based Songwriting Contest

O.A.R. extend the life-boat.

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Through July 7, Maryland rock band O.A.R. (short for Of a Revolution) are inviting fans to be a part of their songwriting process via Twitter. Due to Twitter’s 140 character limit, individuals must submit their lyrics via short segments to O.A.R’s webpage, where the band will then pick three verses, a chorus, and a bridge from the best submissions. Once the band compiles the lyrics, fans will once again aid in the process by submitting song title ideas. Between July and the expected release date for the song in October on iTunes, O.A.R. will update fans on the song’s progress.

O.A.R. frontman Marc Roberge explains, “What I wanted to do is keep it as close to realistic as possible. We’ll really show where we cut drums or write the hooks, or whatever we’re doing we’ll be filming it and putting it up there.” He then added, “Everyday there will be a new update on what we did with this song and how close are we to recording it.”

Proceeds from the winning song will help fund educational and youth-oriented programs via O.A.R’s Heard the World Foundation. In the meantime, however, fans can begin submitting their lyrics to O.A.R.’s Twitter page at twitter.com/ofarevolution.

“I do a lot of co-writing,” Roberge tells Billboard. “I like to meet up with songwriters in New York City but I guarantee you there are kids out there living in Kansas City who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to get their lyrics out there. So it’s a pretty original idea and a cool way to get together and be inspired by people that keep in touch with us.”

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