Plant-based Food Maker Hälsa Is Looking For A Summer Love Song


If you’re a songwriter who likes clean, healthy living and supporting companies who share the same philosophy, this song contest might be for you.

Hälsa, who produce and distribute 100% clean oatmilk yogurt worldwide, has launched their Hälsa Summer 2020 Love Song Contest. The Swedish plant-based food maker is looking for a positive, catchy summer love song as their theme music.

“For us at Hälsa, love means making 100% clean and plant-based food – food that can truly nourish your body,” said Helena Lumme, Hälsa President and Co-founder. “Love is something we need now, more than ever. As we continue to offer consumers our nutritious, organic oatmilk yogurts nationwide, we’re excited to deepen our mission through our song challenge to spread love—for each other, for our bodies and for our planet.”

Hälsa wants to know—what does love mean to you? Maybe you’re thinking of someone special. But maybe, in this time of isolation, you’re seeing love in an even bigger way: for family, community, nature…or this one planet we all share. You can check out last year’s song in this video below:

Videos are uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and must be live performances. To determine the winners, Hälsa will judge the song entries on the basis of originality, creativity and how well the song conveys their message of love being the most important ingredient.

Hälsa will award the following prizes for their Summer 2020 Love Song Contest:

·         1st Prize: $3000

·         2nd Prize: $1000

·         3rd Prize: $500

·         Honorable Mentions: 10 Entries Will Receive a Hälsa Love T-Shirt

The contest is open now and ends Sunday, May 31st, 2020. Winners will be announced on June 19, 2020. There is no entry fee but there are rules which you should check out, as always, before submitting your song.

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